George Giokaris: School Snitch/Team Player. But Which Team Is He On?

giokaris_gJust what does Fullerton H.S. District  Superintendent George Giokaris owe Fullerton City Manager Chris Meyer? What compels him to be a tattletale on his own Board? Unlike Mike Escalante, his predecessor, Giokaris apparently wants a McDonald’s right across from Fullerton High.

Here’s what we’ve gathered from credible sources:

Last week, County Supervisor Chris Norby (FHS ’68) spoke with former district Superintendent Escalante and current Boardmembers Dutton and Singer. All confirmed their opposition to the $6 million McDonald’s move across the street from FHS.  Escalante recounted an earlier conversation with Meyer opposing the relocation on traffic and safety grounds.

Unfortunately, these concerns were kept from the city council.

This week, Norby wrote a letter to Dutton and Singer suggesting they communicate their position to the city council, while there’s still time. Giokaris saw the letter, then quickly dispatched a “heads up” email to Meyer warning of a possible lobbying effort by members of the High School Board against the McDonald’s relocation fiasco.

Is there something we should know about these two?
Is there something we should know about these two?

Imagine that – a warning from a Superintendent that his own bosses on the School Board may actually stand up for their students’ safety and their taxpayers’ wallets! Instead of tattletaling to Meyer, he should repeat the opposition of his predecessor and oppose this super-sized boondoggle!

And we say to Dutton and Singer–if you really do oppose this $6 million move, say so now. Don’t be intimidated by Giokaris’s little intrigues behind your back – be outraged by them!

Me: Long walks on the beach and cuddling by the fire...
Long walks on the beach and cuddling by the fire?

12 Replies to “George Giokaris: School Snitch/Team Player. But Which Team Is He On?”

  1. Well, there you have it. First loyalty is always to the fellow administrator.

    But how did Supe Dogg get his greasy hands on Norby’s letter? Obviously somebody showed it to him. It was either Dutton or Singer – unless Supe Dogg was snoopin’ through their mail!

  2. No. Norby cc’d the guy. But the point remains: he had no business running off to his boyfriend Meyer with the story.

    On the positive side maybe Norby has finally learned something.

  3. A heads up might just be a heads up. I wouldn’t read much into it, we’ve all gotten notices like this about various things in the past.

    The question –why didn’t Norby just take his concerns directly to Giokarkis, rather than dealing with Escalante who isn’t even involved anymore?

    I think there’s enough slander here to land the two of you in a heap of trouble. It might be what you want, but count me out.

  4. Escalante was the Superintendent when I was on the council–it was he who called City Hall to object to the McD move, but this was never passed on to us at the time. I only just learned about it.

    We need better communication among school board and council members. Lack of simple communication has led to the Fullerton College stadium controversy.

    This Fox master plan originated when I was on the council, so I bear some responsibility to reconstruct what happened. Moving the McDonald’s was never an essential component.

    McDonald’s doesn’t even want to move.
    The McDonald’s franchisee could choose to saty put–the agency/council does not have the 4/5’s necessary for eminent domain.

    Then we’d have those prime Pomona/Chapman corner lots available for something like new faculty/staff housing, within easy walking distance.

    The RDA must spend 20% on housing anyway, so that’s a good place for it.

  5. Can the 20% RDA must spend on housing be used to rehab existing housing, or must it be used for new construction?

  6. Matt, the 20% could be spent on rehabbing existing housing.

    Hats off to Supervisor Norby! Sharon and Pam should get together with Norby (714)871-9756, he knows the history.

    This move the McD’s crap, was former redevelopment manager Galvins idea. For gosh sakes, shouldn’t we be considering alternatives to Galvins pipe dreams.

    History Friends, learn from our mistakes, that makes us better people.

    The Fox block developer dude told the council, “they did not study leaving the McD’s where it is at now”. The 1st step in planning is to “consider the alternatives”.

    The council recently threatened FJC with a law suit because there was no EIR on the JC’s sports field project. What about an EIR on the Fox block project! Wake up and smell the roses.

    Anonymous, at what point does telling the truth become slander?

  7. So, anonymous you approve of ther behavior of this miscreant? Are you a “public servant?

    BTW, better check up on the definition of slander!

  8. And also, anonymous, what’s wrong with one elected getting in touch with another without a bureaucrat getting in the way?

  9. “It might be what you want, but count me out.”

    Anonymous, news flash hon’. Nobody ever “counted you in.”

  10. Let me give some advise to ANYONE who ever finds themselves meeting with George Giokaris for any reason. Bring a person to serve as a witness and to take careful notes as to what is said and discussed during the meeting. George Geokaris, who can be classified as a human being by DNA only, is not to be trusted at all. I know from personal experience that he is a self-serving snake. He is the Richard Nixon of public education.

    1. Leaf,
      You stated that very well. Young Doc is as twisted as they come. His little fiefdom smells of…well, let’s just say “City of Bell” and “Robert Rizzo.”

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