FSD Teachers: Get Ready for a 10% Pay Cut

Fullerton teachers, it’s time to be frank with you because the school board and your union will not.

There will be no new parcel tax to save the FSD budget. Due to unsustainable concessions to the teachers union in previous years, the Fullerton School District will have to cut teacher pay next year. The budget hole is enormous and there are no foreseeable alternatives.

Yes, the educrats and union leadership are starting to fill your head with allusions of a new tax on Fullerton residents that will save the day. But the idea that 2/3rds of Fullerton voters would agree to a big tax increase in the middle of a deep recession is absolutely laughable.

FFFF’s appointed delegate to the FSD Budget Scapegoat Committee has provided us with this matrix of salary reductions to close the budget gap that could be as large as $11 million next year. The proposed salary cuts were put together by district administration.

Hey, it goes all the way to 20%

Nobody likes to see their neighbor take a pay cut, but there are probably other ways for the union to deal with this. For instance, teachers might be able to make larger concessions to their lavish retirement scheme or the high-class benefits package in order to preserve salary.

Either way, the school board is going to find their hands tied and the choice will be in the hands of the union – Take the cut or strike. Is it really all about the children? We’ll see…

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  1. No sh*t!

    They need to take a cut especially when they have become too comfortable with all the “goodies”.
    They are in “La La Land” if they think I will agree to a tax increase so that the district may continue the “status quo”.
    Maybe the upper level managers can start working part-time and get part-time pay, I bet most of the staffers at the school district’s offices can actually all work part-time, then reduce the coaches in all schools to none, ( put some real teachers who are really educated in special ed to replace the fake teaching coaches who are screwing up the special ed children )
    Get rid of vice principals most high schools have more than two they, if they need them just use them for part-timers, share a job, it is better than unemployment, have some college students replace the office staff for less pay, no benefits as a internship.
    Give some of the needy young college students who want experience a chance replace these high dollar employees.

  2. Superintendent Hovey should be commended for having the cajones to appoint an FFFF’er to the Budget Committee. Of course, that deed will be instantly forgotten when Hovey pronounces his love of the parcel tax. Good luck with that.

  3. I haven’t seen a pay cut as an adjunct faculty but I have seen some very good people laid off completely. I would rather my pay get cut than see a good worker (there are a few) go unemployed.

    I have taken, however, a 30% cut from my other employer. It sucks but it’s better than unemployment checks!

    1. Agreed. Almost all of my friends have taken a pay cut or been laid off. Why should teachers be treated differently at the expense of the rest of us?

  4. This month’s budget meetings @ CSUF came up with a 10% figure as well. They’re plotting another tuition hike unless the state… Yeah, not even worth the energy to finish that sentence.

  5. In good times or in bad times, if government schools teacher pay was cut by 50% or any amount, even 90%, there would not be a single individual who would quit their “teaching” job because Teachers Union “teachers” are and have ALWAYS been the unemployable absolute bottom of the college graduate population (this is particularly true of the (oldest) “most senior” Leftist Feminist Propagandists “teachers”).

    If you want to actually get rid of any of them you would have to require that they send their own children to attend the same government schools where they “teach.” Of course this assumes that any of these “teachers” have delivered babies rather than having aborted their Feminist “choices.”

  6. currently I am taking a Autocad class at a community college. It cost me around $125 for the 4 unit class. My material fees are only $5.
    Now there are some 10 week classes in some universities/extension classes which cost around $2,000-$1,700 for a beginning class.
    Then I went to a website of a Texas community college which offers a Beg Autocad class and they charge $800 for in state tuition.
    From my perspective our California students are spoiled, in addition we pay for Ill Eagles, I feel that we need to raise fees at the university and community college but to also include reduction in pay and benefits in the people who run the schools, take away the free or reduced housing for the people in charge of the UC system.
    I remember when a elderly lady who lived in North Santa Ana donated a beautiful home to UCI, you know what happened? The people in charge of acquiring these homes had a contractor remodel the house to the point that the school would not get very much from selling it nevertheless one of the big shots from the school bought it at a reduce price, so basically he got a deal and the school lost out. If they would have ethical employees the system would not be near broke.

    1. “California students are spoiled…. I feel that we need to raise fees at the university…

      Absolute nonsense.

      CSUF fees were hiked 32% last semester, coupled with a 10% reduction in actual class time due to mandatory furloughs. Now CSUF students must brace for another 10% increase bringing the total increase in tuition fees over a one year period to 42%.

      If this is being “spoiled,” I deeply pity the redheaded step-children of the ed. system.

      Down with Chancellor Reed & the Board of Trustees! Up with AB 656!

      (AB 656 is a bill that would tax oil companies 9.9 percent to extract oil in California, generating about one billion dollars for the CSU if taxed at the planned 9.9 percent. California is the only state in the country that does not do this type of taxation.)

      1. We (Cal) are also one of the most restrictive states when it comes to environmental and drilling. There should be a give AND a take, as in give the oil companies more access (off-shore?) and then tax them on it. It’s a win-win or a lose-lose depending which side you favor.

        1. As usual, a poorly formed opinion from Greg/Anonymous.

          Passage of AB656 does not require that we give oil companies more access. Totally erroneous conjoining of two separate issues. We simply tax them for what they’re extracting now.

          I thought we were agreed that you would stop tagging along on my comments, Greg. I really have no respect for your malformed drivel or pervy style. If you can’t manage to control yourself and leave me alone, consider yourself hereafter ignored.

          1. Whoa Empathy. You are confused. I didn’t mention AB656, you did. My comment was general in nature and not at all directed to that bill.

            Also, stop the personal attacks. They serve no purpose but self gratification.

            Lastly, that area may encompass the apartments and student housing in the area more so than the surrounding neighborhoods which might make those statistics invalid.

            I would have thought that the number of students receiving financial aide would have been much higher, like 75%±.

  7. Mum,
    You are paying too much. I can teach you basic AutoCAD for 25% less at another college! :0)

    But you make a very good point. The university systems are exempt from nearly all development laws as well as local ordinances. That means that they can build tract after tract on “donated” land and then flip it to teachers for a small fracture of the fair-market value. Did you know that a PhD (or ED or JD) can make $120K+, get a discounted (sometimes FREE) house, and a very cushy job all on OUR dime? Caltrans is just as bad…don’t get me started.

    The Community Colleges could certainly raise tuition 10% and not see any drop in enrollment. Of course, my CTA (Cal. Teachers Association) reps would fight it down… And then there is the administrative waist and I don’t mean by the usual administration or their staff. Every community college has committees (paid for by you and I) that meet weekly or by-weekly. They sit and debate all things academic. And God help you if you challenge them on the necessity for all of these meetings. It’s a we (the faculty) v. them (the deans, VP’s, and president) game that is supported 100% by CTA.

  8. Empathy Over Elitism : Now CSUF students must brace for another 10% increase bringing the total increase in tuition fees over a one year period to 42%.
    If this is being “spoiled,” I deeply pity the redheaded step-children of the ed. system.

    That’s not “nonsense” if one believes that these students were super-spoiled before and now are only 42% less spoiled.

      1. What are you pfffting at?

        I was using “spoiled” in reference to a highly-subsidized education, not personal income levels.

  9. Thanks to “Stayin’ Employed” for bringing the discussion back to the FSD pay cuts.

    Do you think that 1,000 college grads could be located in the LA area to take full salary and full benefits for basically a part time job?

    I think we could accomplish that feat with ONE newspaper ad.

    I recall several years ago we got over 1,000 applicants responding to a single ad for ONE job vacancy in the Fullerton Police Department. And that wasn’t in the midst of full Obama-prosperity.

  10. This is exactly what needs to happen Travis. And what happened in Capo is very likely how this union will react. The older mouths will rule the roost. The pecking order is well established. The young and energetic teachers will be trampled by the tired and embittered senior union hacks. It will be left to the board to show the…I can barely bring myself to use the word…courage necessary to act upon their perpetual mantra of “it’s all about kids”. If it’s all about kids, there are no choices here. Cut salaries and benefits while the contract is about to sunset (which it is) and stand firm on an absurdly strong labor market.

  11. Someone wrote in to say that teachers cannot make concessions on their retirement package without action by the state legislature and CalSTRS.

    In other words, the cuts will have to come from salary and benefits.

  12. Is there a way to calculate how much money has been taken from the school district and given to Redevelopment through tax increments over the years? That would be interesting.

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