Ay Caramba! Red Bottom Blog Hits New Low!

Additional manpower was needed to sell the product...
Additional manpower was needed to sell the product...

The Red Bottom Boys have just added a new blogger to their dismal and vacant site: Colony Rabble, otherwise known as Cynthia Ward. She is supposed to be addressing Anaheim issues.

Cynthia is best known to OC bloggers as one of the big advocates of the SOAR coalition that fought the Suncal project near Haster and Katella in Anaheim. And this makes it weird since Matthew J. Cunningham and his other man-crush, John Lewis, were working for Suncal at the time. While Cunningham was trying to canonize Lorri Galloway and demonize Disney, Ward was hard at work trying to make sure that martyrdom preceded sainthood.

And just today Cunningham is going off on some rant about the Costa Mesa council members approving ballot box zoning – just the thing Ward was preaching on the Suncal deal.

So what gives? What gives is that Ward, who is about as conservative a Republican as a brown trout, just luuuuuuvs Tom Daly. She’s been onto our site recently touting the wonders of career politician Daly.

I am widely misunderstood...
I am widely misunderstood...

And there you have it. “Conservative” Red Bottom brings on board a ballot-box zoning RINO who coincidentally supports the candidate John Lewis is pimping as hard as he can.

Anybody surprised?

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  1. Would it be possible for this mental midget to telegraph his intentions any worse?

    I can see the little Jerbal plan now: ” Jerb, this is John Lewis calling. We need to get someone to tout all the wonderful things about Tom Daly on your blog so it looks like average Republicans are really in favor of our guy. You know, use some of that wordsmith bullshit I told you to include on your website. Take it slow though. Start with some throw them off the scent stuff like who is running against the other council members in Anaheim. Find some writer they will never trace to us.”

    “Throw in some bullshit coverage over random other dust up issues in Anaheim and build a record of content so you can say you had no idea this person was so much in favor of Daly when she finally starts hitting the good stuff later on. By spring (and lets hope Tom doesn’t leave us high and dry by dropping out of the race by then or that job he promissed you is a gonner) let her loose. She can tear in to Galloway and that Nelson bastard and it will all look legit.”

    “No one will see this coming. We are geniuses! Dont worry about Hanlon or Traci Price finding out I run the content on their blog, those guys are way too distracted to figure out they are our tools.”

    “Now get to work Jerbal. Make sure this person is as die hard Daly as can be. We dont want her going native on us like that damn Norby and leaving us high and dry. We need someone almost as big a shill as you Jerb. High bar to jump but we have to think big on this one. Daly has already had too much go bad for him. Fundraising is in the toilet, Norby gone south and now no one is falling for our plan to sell him as the republican democrat. How the hell am I supposed to make my living as a whore to the Board of Supervisors if a guy I own doesn’t win? Well Jerb?”

    “One more thing Jerbal. What the hell are you doing in that park ranger outfit?”

  2. A recent quote from Colony Babble on this very blog:

    “Galloway does not live in the District, and is hated by most of the residents here that I personally know. She does not have the ability to take votes from Tom Daly, who is Anaheim’s favorite son in this race, and well liked in other communities. Yes, Republicans, including myself, want Tom Daly in that office, he is a good man, parties aside.”

    Now why would we think this person is a shill for Daly on Cunningham’s Red (Brown) County Blog?

  3. I’m getting a very clear picture of what Cunninghams Red Bottom blog is up to. Matthew Cunningham (aka Jerbal) has at stake a personal financial interest in getting Tom Daly elected. John Lewis needs Tom Daly on the BOS to keep his greedy hands in the County cookie jar and most likely promised Jerbal or his wife a position on staff if Tom gets elected.

    Colony Babble, YOU ARE NOT A REPUBLICAN if you were a Republican you would NOT be supporting a Democrat.


    1. The king of spin (aka, the biggest pile of shit in OC, conniver, paid shill, cyber punk, low life, joke, loser) talking out of his ass again.

    1. I will NOT SUPPORT A CARPTBAGGER like you do Jerbal.

      You and your type are the reason why the OCGOP is fucked up. Your entire livelihood centers around people (who can help $$$ you personally) not policy.

  4. I think its rather funny that you all are faulting Cynthia for not being in lockstep with her party. independent thinkers tend to have the best logic around regardless of party affiliation and they tend to have the most integrity to boot!
    Have you seen some of the ideologues on RedCounty? NO sh*t she would appear more moderate than them.
    Her opinion on Anaheim matters is pretty well respected by Anaheim residents regardless of party affiliation so that makes her a great addition to the otherwise almost unbearable blog.

  5. Steve, I think the point here is that Ward, although she may be a Republican seems to share very few of the values they hawk on the Brown Trout blog. It’s a real weird mix.

    Joe was pointing that out. The only obvious point of contact appears to be the support of the Democrat Daly, which is our concern here. Her support of Daly is obviously heartfelt (for whatever reason). The same cannot be said for Cunningham who steadfastly rfuses to support the conservative Republican in the race.

    We have gotten used to the Brown Trout used as mercenary vehicle for Jerbal and his bosses: a regular Pravda for OC Repuglicanism.

  6. #8 Steve’

    Two things. First, notice that the Jerb’s first attempt to bring a purely “local” city blogger on his site just happens to correspond with rumors Daly is getting out of the race and Colony Babble’s recent stated support for Daly on this blog. Two, Republican independent thinking is NOT why Colony Babble was brought on to the Red (brown) County Blog, rather her obvious willingness to tow the line for the “I’m a republican and I love Daly” set.

    We see what is going on and we are not going to let it go unnoticed.

  7. Jerbal, does Lewis and your bosses know you are here or is he on vacation?

    Maybe the FFFF paying you to write here now?

    Shill business must be down…wife gone?

  8. The lefties are gushing over Red County’s newest blogger and the sudden push for the un-conservative Tom Daly. Horray for Purple County! This is a riot!

  9. Tom Daly is a Joke. I have friends that work at the Clerk-Recorder office. They told me when he is at work he walks around and flirt with the young girls and the rest of the staff he doesn’t even talk to them.

    The morale in the department’s is terrible and now during election time he and his assistant Renee Ramirez are trying so hard to boost morale. These two are so phony. They all no that this will not last.

    Tom Daly is so damm lazy. He can’t even managed a department and now he wants to be a Supervisor.

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