Dick Jones Holds Forth. Again.

We really couldn’t help it. These golden Doc Heehaw moments are just too precious not to share with our Friends. Here he is trying to explain, in his classic barnyard blathering, why he wants¬†to keep Don Bankhead mayor and Pam Keller out. Apparently Bankhead’s flatlining during meetings is no cause for alarm for the good doctor. Somehow Don is needed to help our “very, very good” city manager through the turbulent times ahead. Oh boy, what a team!

Be sure to enjoy the “raging financial torrent” babble-burst at about the 1:25 mark.

One Reply to “Dick Jones Holds Forth. Again.”

  1. Dick must be all doped up, the guy can barely walk and talk. Poor old creature ūüôĀ

    Let’s chip in and buy poor (rich) old Dick an electric wheelchair and a translator (for council meetings)?

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