Whitaker for City Council

Yes, Friends, you read that correctly.

Bruce Whitaker is serving his final term this year representing Fullerton’s Fourth District, and apparently his wife, Linda Whitaker, has decided to carry on the family tradition.

Here’s her recipient committee listing on the California Secretary of State’s website:

Mrs. Whitaker has been around politics alongside her husband in Fullerton and the County for 30 years, and so has institutional knowledge of how things go (or don’t go, as the case may be), and would be bound not to take staff bullshit at face value. The extent to which she shares her husband’s political philosophy remains to be seen, but I’m sure we could expect a conservative, anti-tax mindset.

Two Whitakers…

She has the Whitaker name going for her. Bruce Whitaker has been on the Council for almost 14 years and won the inaugural Fourth District election in 2020. In politics, name recognition is a big deal. Just as importantly, she will have access to County Republican resources to help her, directly; or, just as likely, in the form of independent political action committees.

Bad news comes in threes…

This bad news for Vivian “Kitty” Jaramillo, the choice of the Democrat officialdom in the Fourth District, and someone who has allegedly accused Linda Whitaker’s husband of racism. If she had been thinking about an easy path to victory, she’ll have to think again.

I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if the OC Democrats try the same ploy they rolled out in District 5 in 2022; namely, creating a fake candidate to draw votes away from Mrs. Whitaker. On the other hand, this is a heavily Latino district and a Latino candidate or two would certainly have the same effect on Jaramillo.

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  1. Kitty identifies as Hispanic or Latin X depending on who she is catering to. She is also in the weed lobby’s pocket. Combine the illegal funds they have provided others in the past with a long with shady Democrat party tactics and she has a chance of stealing the election. In the past, other Hispanic influencers cut ties when they discover her litter box etiquette.
    She is brown on face value only. Like many politicians she is all green on the inside. Full of jealousy and looking for money.

    1. “her litter box etiquette”

      Are you suggesting that she doesn’t bury her, um, calling cards?

  2. This should be fun.

    You’re right. I wonder who the Tony Castro of this election is going to be.

  3. So thankful for Linda stepping up We need more like minded to turn our city around.
    We must regain our once beautiful, SAFE, CLEAN, and inviting Fullerton to save ourselves !
    Linda Whitaker for Fullerton Council. ❤️

    Thank you Linda ❣️

  4. Good to see Grover Cleveland, former president and a Democrat, back from the dead and writing copy for Friends!

  5. Please share the link where we can donate to Linda Whitaker’s campaign to ensure Kitty Cannabis never gets her greasy, greedy, corpulent fingers around the Mayor’s gavel!

  6. If by Republican you mean the Lincoln Club, I hope they give their dough to somebody else to use. Their PAC went o-fer in 2022.

  7. This is only to keep up their grift. No outside income so they need the City Council stipend, insurance, etc. Lets not forget they live in City Hall. Bruce and his wife have been known to sleep at City Hall, watch videos on their ipads on the floor like a sleepover, Linda has washed her hair in the sink. The list goes on and on, its why he fought for Council offices.

    1. Keen insights Carmen San Diego, I mean Ahmad Zahra or one of his fawning followers. Should we unload on Zahra grifting downtown business owners for donations, or speak out loud about his private contempt for police officers?

  8. I think it’s commendable that the Whitakers spend time at City Hall. At least they aren’t cruising Garden Grove Blvd looking for a cheap trick like Ahmad Zubra.

  9. If she schedules a fundraiser she should be sure to let The Observer know so they can gush about it in an online story with 39 pictures of everyone who attended.

  10. It is sad that my town can only come up with candidates like either one of these hacks. I live in Shana’s district and am disgusted by the giant apartment complex that towers over mine and my neighbors homes now. We will have people looking into our yards from way up high in those apartments.

    1. I don’t blame you. Unfortunately, the interests of developers and the bureaucrats and the elected have always superseded the neighbors.

      The worst part is that eyesore doesn’t have enough parking. As usual. Everyone on the City Council has always considered proposals as inevitable. They’re terrified of saying no.

  11. “Mrs. Whitaker has been around politics alongside her husband in Fullerton and the County for 30 years, and so has institutional knowledge of how things go’

    Uh. No. How can you have institutional knowledge when you’re not actually a member of it?

    Maybe she has some competence in her own right. But it really sounds like you’re saying her only competence you can find is in her name, that you like, because it’s associated with your ideology.

    Or perhaps you’re hoping she’s really an end run around term limits it’s really just a way to get Bruce Whitaker again, she being a puppet.

    Been around politics for 30 years by virtue of marriage? Qualified by injection, I guess.

      1. Shouldn’t have to. If she has some experience / credentials the blogger writing this love letter should have provided it.

        1. Haha. What “credentials” did Zahra have? What credentials did Charles have?

          What credentials does Kannabis Kitty have, apart from handing out parking tickets, and demanding that unlawful treehouses be torn down?

    1. “Maybe she has some competence in her own right.”

      Unlike Hoogerbooger who can’t get anything right.

    2. If you ever want to make and keep even one friend, keep your mouth closed Johnny. At the rate you’ve been going, all the chairs will be empty at your funeral. You’re less popular than Ebenezer Scrooge!

  12. “Mrs. Whitaker has been around politics alongside her husband in Fullerton and the County for 30 years, and so has institutional knowledge of how things go…”

    If the surname Chaffee was substituted for Whitaker in that sentence it would be ridiculed on this blog.

    1. Except that Mrs. Chaffee, wife of the unspeakably corrupt twat Doug has been running for office non-stop and using her husband to get phony City and County jobs to do it.

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