The Line Up

(Revised: I missed the Date Qualified column and so missed the fact that Shelby Perea and Rosalia Guillen did not qualify for the ballot. The text of the post is revised to reflect this)

Here’s the list of candidates in Fullerton’s 3rd and 5th District elections in November.

The most notable feature is the number of Spanish surnamed candidates in the 5th, a fact that makes it much easier for the arrested and charged incumbent, Ahmad Zahra, to continue his sanctimonious hypocrisy from the dais.

This is all ya got?

We already know that Tony Castro is an unemployed dead-beat who gives off the aroma of a Zahra plant meant to split the Latino vote. Oscar Valadez seems to be a good Catholic boy with a family, a house, a real a job, and standing in the community – all of which set him apart from the empty suit, Zahra. Valadez’s statement says a lot of popular sounding stuff and he’s a Stanford graduate. Geez, it would be nice to have a councilman who wasn’t a preening, self-absorbed weasel? Oscar has the support of Fred Jung, so that’s another positive indication. Zahra wants to save murals and “assets.” He says he’s lived in Fullerton for 21 years which is probably just another Zahra lie he figures nobody can disprove. Among his other supporters of dubious intelligence, he lists the octogenarian bird-brain Molly McClanahan – which is almost cause for pity.

This is a Boohoo. There’s just no getting around it…

Over in D3 there are 3 candidates. We’ve already been introduced to Shana Charles, whose statement includes “progressive” catch-phrases. Her statement about restoring Fullerton’s “gutted” services means one thing – another swing at a tax increase. Her backers are the Quirk-Silvas, of course. I wonder if she’s ever even bothered to thank the Council for creating a district that she is in and that Jesus Quirk-Silva is not! The second candidate is Arnel Dino. But Dino Arnel sounds way better, so that’s what I’m calling him from now on. Mr. Arnel seems to be a lefty also, which doesn’t bode well. Those who have seen him perform on the Planning Commission are immensely underwhelmed. The final candidate is John Ybarra who seems to have relocated to the 5th District. His campaign statement is concise and rational. It appears to be a somewhat conservative and pragmatic voice. One thing is certain: the other two will never fight for accountability at City Hall.

The final element in this election will be the Independent Expenditure committees. The cops and emergency truck driver unions will back Zahra and most likely Charles – liberals, yes, but public union supporters, uber alles.

Things could be better. Or they might get worse…

Then there’s Fullerton Taxpayers for Reform, an I.E. run by Tony Bushala that evidently has set its sights on Zahra. They have already launched a shot across Zahra’s bow, and are likely to continue the pummeling until Zahra’s attitude improves.

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  1. What a line up. It looks like you’re recommending Valadez and Ybarra. Is that an official FFFF endorsement, Mr. Peabody?

  2. Mr. Peabody: Please edit to correct D3/D5 confusion. Charles, Dino, and Ybarra are D3, not D5. Thank you.

  3. Guillen and Perea failed to qualify for the ballot so Ahmad’s in a three man with Valadez and Castro. Castro is a joke. So it is Ahmad v Oscar. We know Ahmad. He has an infamous record of voting against the will of the people and appointing the disaster Jan Flory, voting for marijuana next to schools and churches, voting against street repair, and voting to kill children with pollution in his district by building a ridiculously big trucking facility. HE GOTS TO GO!

    1. “Ahmad’s in a three man with Valadez and Castro”

      Valadez is in a one man with the other two.

  4. I am not a fan of Ahmad Zarha, so when I got the chance to meet and chat with Oscar Valdez I took it.

    Here’s my takeaway!

    Ho could not offer me one reason why he was running for council or what mattered to him for our city, not one!

    He could not name one reason why Ahmad was not a productive politician, except that he had heard other people say bad things.

    He is the epitome of the saying
    “If you stand for nothing you will fall for anything.

    He did have firm ideas in one area…. he feels strongly that his children and your children should be masked and vaxed indefinity and while he’s at it, he wants to throw in as much CRT as possible, I’m not joking here!

    Obviously, Vax and CRT are not council matters but it does speak to the sad truth that Stanford can’t stop stupid!

    So it looks like for district 5 it’s a choice between Woke or Woker! 🙁

    The only interesting candidate so far is Johnny Ybarra for district three, will follow up here with mote info about him after we have a chance to meet him.

    Cmon Fullerton!

    1. At least he wasn’t charged with battery and vandalism against a woman.

      And he doesn’t support dope shops within 100ft of your house.

      CRT? You must be joking. Another Tumpist.

          1. Whoever you are, she makes a good point – not about CRT and vaccinations, of course, but that the guy needs to be able to articulate some things that need to be done.

  5. Just had a text chat with Oscar Valdez (or someone acting as him? From a 562 number, no less) He stated he was “family first” I asked if that was code for “anti abortion” he said he wanted children to have the same opportunities he had growing up here. I said Great! Right to abortions then, right? He said “I believe in the right to privacy.” Well that’s a nice evasion comment saying just enough of nothing to remain vaguely non-committal. He’s got trump stench all over him. I’ll take the pass.

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