No son of mine!

Allow me to introduce Tony Castro. Or known to his buddies as Antonio Castro.

Not to be confused with the former Deputy City Manager under hapless Ken Domer, Antonia Castro-Graham.

Tony just pulled papers for District 5, the same District as our criminal Zahra.

The 38-year-old couch surfer with a couple of conflicting known addresses of record describes himself as an “internet and online marketing” expert.

You’re a fugazi!

Sounds about as fishy as Zahra explaining his prowess as a “filmmaker”.

2300 E. Commonwealth Avenue, apartment #4 in Fullerton is the registered “business” address of one Maximum Creativity, of which Antonio Saucedo Castro is the listed contact. The address also shows Unlimited Possibilities as being “headquartered” there, also owned by one Antonio Saucedo Castro.

If this all sounds curiously comedic, you would not be in the minority. Castro was also a staffer for one Peter Mathews, a junior college professor who ran for Congress in the June primary.

Who is Peter Mathews? Again, you would not be in the minority because Mathews came in a very, very distant fourth place, mustering only 3% of the vote.

Way to pick a winner Tony!

Court documents also show that Tony was sued for “unlawful detainer” in 2009, which is legal mumbo jumbo for eviction and has a judgement in the amount of $3,022.

Stop the Steal!

The obvious question is what business is someone who can’t rent an apartment per the negative credit history doing running for Fullerton City Council. Perhaps Zahra made the poor patsy do it. Because Tony’s “business” Maximum Creativity has a few reviews on Yelp. And safe to say they are not Michelin quality:

“Our company hired “tony” to do basic merchant services and design on our website.  After paying 1000 dollars to start, over a month later…tony is missing in action.  He is a fraud.   We have received nothing for our money except empty promises and perpetual headaches.  Do not, I repeat do not do business with this “company” especially tony.  He lied, lied to cover his lies and long in the short did nothing but waste our time, and steal our hard earned money.” says one review.

scam artist alert!

Another reads, “This guy is a complete scam artist took 1000 dollar deposit to complete our website and never did any work wont answer a phone call or return a call or email from any body at our business. We have tried contacting him for over 2 weeks as we were on a dead line to complete website due to a huge marketing campaign, that he was aware of and promised to meet. Do not use him for any of your business needs! He will  promise you the world and all he will do is steel from you ! Businesses beware of Tony and his company he will take your money and disappear ! Had to get our lawyers involved just to show him he cant do business like this 1k dollars isn’t a lot but the principal of just stealing from people needs to be addressed ! one star because that’s the lowest you can give a crook on YELP!”



  1. Another unskilled nobody trying to be a somebody. Wonder what else Antoni-HOE would give for a G. Those poor Hispanic mothers in D5 deserve better than these crooks.

  2. Let’s see if this little microbe even turns in papers. It’s a bad look for Zahra to try to split the Latino vote by employing this weasel. I wonder what Ada Briceno and the OC Demo Central Committee would say about that.

  3. Poor sap. Too dumb to know he’s a tool. That “business” address ain’t in D5, is it? I smell electoral fraud. But maybe he’s bunkies with Zahra now. But where does THAT unemployed fraudster sleep these days?

      1. yes he is from orange. Orange is where his criminal past is. An abusive, narcissistic partner in past relationships.

  4. All those bad things were from years ago. Maybe he cleaned up his act and has quit scamming people. It’s called turning over a new leaf. Why not give the guy the benefit of the doubt?

    1. not that it matters now but he is a harassing abusive ex boyfriend to his past relationships as well. He doesn’t just treat business partners bad.

      1. also heard that he abandoned his son and mom of the baby, who he in the past abused and harassed. Stalks and abuses the families of his past romantic relationships. I do not think he should be running for anything.

  5. This is exactly the kind of candidate the Fullerton Fire Union will support. Right up their alley. Break out your check book, Lancaster and write this winner a fat check!

  6. Does Antonio use gender neutral pronouns? Does he support LGBTQ+3 …. ? Is he supportive of Gov. Newsome and Democratic Party causes like free houses? free steak? free bus passes and free Uber?
    If Antonio turns in papers, will they/he/she be willing to debate Zahra and try to prove which is less of a fraud or more of a brand?

  7. Rock bottom is wrong. Every time anything happens in Fullerton you find out there’s a basement under the basement!

  8. “Shit stain” would never fly as a ballot designation, so he’s better off using “Couch Surfer”.

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