The Song of Roland

FFFF has been reporting on the doings of our fine police department for years. Every now and then we’ll get a missive from a citizen complaining about selective and an random harassment by one of our finest, in this case by a fellow named Rolando, who relates his tale, below. Perhaps one of our esteemed councilmembers will care enough to look into the matter. Yeah, right.

To Whom it may concern:


My Name is Rolando. I was harassed and Threatened by officer who infracted me.

After the officer illegally pulled me over on commonwealth ave and impounded my Truck and trailer and Threatened me that I will never operate in Fullerton ever again, that he was going to see to it at commonwealth ave location. officer refused to write me a ticket simply because he did not have to since I own the vehicle.

After 2 hours i travel to the Fullerton police station to pay the release fee for the impound yard and as I had conclude my business and walked out of the building, come’s running out the door a cadet Named YOONE to recall me back to the front desk. Officer request!. I returned to meet the Very man himself whom impounded my vehicles trailer to further harassment and threatening because the cadet made a mistake of not notifying the officer and released my truck but not my trailer and cars. Keep in mind this officer was off his shift and out of uniform to pull me back in the front desk lobby and harass and threaten me. Is this normal ?? I don’t think so. It does not feel right to me. No I’m wondering what more is this officer willing to do ;he has a personal problem with me.

The officer is pursuing a figment of his imagination to hold hostage my property and bankrupt me financially by acquiring daily charges at the tow yard.

I asked to speak with the watch commander to no avail. I was asked by the staff to leave and not return until I bring back special requests that I am not required too. He is abusing his power as a law enforcement.

My only doing wrong was crossing his path.

I was over weight on my trailer while parked in the street.

This should of been a citation or in this case an impound, pay fee’s release property and go to court.

They are asking me to provide a MC permit. I don’t fall under that requirement because I am not a class A. The officer know that. I can’t get a appointment with the chief or anyone who is not bias.

I don’t know why officer’s take it personal for a person who is actually a functioning ,providing citizen that pay tax.

How can they request respect when they abuse the power we citizens appoint to them.

Do you have insight on how to recover in promptly or who to talk to ?

Pls help if you can.



12 Replies to “The Song of Roland”

  1. It’s a little hard to figure out what this dude is writing, although there seems to be a cop with a bad attitude.

  2. You’re saying they impounded your vehicle and won’t give it back, but also won’t write a ticket or give you a court date.

    It’s a legal question. Ask a lawyer. Yes, it can be expensive.

    And you could ask the councilman for your district. They may be willing to act as a go between.

    Beyond that you won’t find any useful advice here.

      1. Seems like it is.

        “Do you have insight on how to recover in promptly or who to talk to ? Pls help if you can.”

        Or maybe he was asking FFFF itself for help? One must really be out of ideas.

    1. My head hurts a little less these days since Dr. Schwartzman gave us the little yellow pills, so I guess I’m happier than we used to be and that’s a good thing. Still, I can’t help but wonder if Dr. Schwartzman isn’t a real person and the pills were meant to get rid of our cat’s worms.

  3. His story is nonsensical and lacking in details. If the vehicle was towed, he would have been given a CHP 180 form, which would give the reason for the tow and impound. Get a copy of the 180 and everything will be answered. Just because someone said the police acted improperly doesn’t mean it’s true, and it’s irresponsible to post something like this without documentation.

    1. Why is it irresponsible? Fullerton cops act irresponsibly all the time and have done so for as long as I can remember. Nobody said this story was true – it was passed along. You want to read a newspaper, go read a newspaper.

  4. I have had personal experience with Fullerton Police Department regarding a mental illness welfare check. It was the most horrendous experience of my life. And for a police officer that THOUGHT a person was suicidal, they treated them like a felon. It was horrific. They will never clean up the cesspool of the Fullerton Police Department. You are better off going to a better city who values life. Trust me. THIS WILL NEVER CHANGE! This city is a criminal corrupt organization. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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