Movie Nite with Chaffee

Slimy politicians trying to buy votes is nothing new. It should be illegal. Hell, it probably is. Orange County Supervisors do it out of their offices all the time and always have. But this effort from the rodent-like Doug Chaffee, our man in Santa Ana takes the proverbial cake.


I have no idea how many of his constituents would want to do anything with Chaffee, but I bet there aren’t many. But Chaffee’s unpopularity isn’t the point. The point is people working out of a public facility doing campaign work is illegal. And that’s exactly what this.

12 Replies to “Movie Nite with Chaffee”

  1. Godard recently passes away and this schmuck wants to show “Hocus Pocus?” Just goes to show you how out of touch he is with his constituents.

  2. Hocus Pocus, what the everlasting fuck. Rotten Tomatoes rating = 39% shit.

    I guess that’s why he picked it. His November vote total.

  3. Halloween is the Chaffees favorite day. They don’t have to hide their alien personas. They can wear their native garb and just act like themselves.

  4. Fellow Fullertonians! I have found over 1.1 million of your tax funds that under this man; was Stolen!

    The killer is no one cares! No one cares that we GAVE AWAY and PUBLIC ASSET valued at over SIX MILLION to an entity composed of ex LA County housing employees!

    That we have item IN contract paid for but never built! If we did this we would be arrested by the fed and put in federal prison!

    This is basically an organization that has given the citizens the political bird and our entrusted elected officials could care less!

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