When things get tough, real leaders make difficult choices. And then there are those like Ahmad Zahra.

When Covid 19 rolled around in the spring of 2020 Fullerton was already looking at financial disaster. Years of unbalanced budgets were backfilled by reserve funds by the partnership Fitzgerald, Flory, Silva and Zahra. With the Covid lockdown things looked bleak.

What to do?

“I know” said Ahmad Zahra, “lets have a sales tax.”

And so the ill-fated Measure S was placed on the ballot by the same herd: Fitzgerald, Flory, Silva and Zahra. The proponents didn’t seem to care that sales taxes are inherently regressive, and Zahra seemed uninterested in the fact that his D5 constituents would be disproportionately hurt. Ironically, at the time, Zahra was hauling in $4,000 a month for a few hours time as an appointed member of the Orange County Water District Board.

Later, in 2021, when federal relief money rolled in to Fullerton, Zahra tried to direct funds away from infrastructure and into salaries and pension obligations.

Well, those chickens have come to roost. This mail piece landed in D5 mailboxes today:


And the back side:

You have something he wants…

10 Replies to “COVID ZAHRA”

  1. Yeah, he got that job as a quid pro quo for putting the angry, toothless dinosaur Flory back on the city council. AFTER HE SAID A REPLACEMENT ELECTION WAS IN ORDER.

  2. “Opportunist” is a bit too polite. This creep is a malignant narcissist with a little coterie of dummies who swallow his routine.

    Dr. Ott should do a profile on this pathological liar.

  3. What is your fascination with Ahmad? All the publicity he is getting from the signs with the marijuana leaves is going to help him get elected again. Isn’t this blog for legalising marijuana?

    1. Legalizing. Not legalising. I don’t think FFFF is fan boying Ahmad or endorsing legalizing weed. They just oppose bad policy and bad politicians.

      1. If that was that the case then everyone that has ever held office in the past 20 years in Fullerton should be suspect because look at the roads. I’m just trying to understand your fascination with Ahmad. The guys a worthless bloke just like the other two. There are a lot of people that are going to vote for him because of your advertisement. He already has the advantage of being an incumbent on the ballot. Ganja is a really popular recreational drug in this District. I think you’re doing him a bigger favour than you realise mate.

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