33 Replies to “The Lavender Hill Mob Strikes!”

  1. Ahmad’s mayoral campaign poses the greatest threat to Fullerton democracy since his comfort blanket Jennifer Fitzgerald. Fullerton say nope to dope and ugh to drugs.

  2. The gay lobby doesn’t seemed concerned at all about Zahra’s record of plagiarism, battery, prevarication and manipulating dumb mexican women to do his bidding. But whatever. Queer is dear.

    1. “Zahra came to the United States in the late 90s from Syria and shortly after, in 2001, pursued his passion for film by starting Zahra Pictures LLC, a film production company based in Fullerton. He has produced many documentaries and independent films that focus on community building and call attention to social struggles.”

      Not sure about the first sentence, but the last sentence is an absolute lie.

        1. I saw one “trailer” of a Zahra production. It was unprofessional to say the least. It’s no longer online. What’s that tell you about Dr. Zahra?

  3. José Trinidad Castañada who dropped from his fullerton planning commission chair is on leadership board of this group under title “Political Action” . Unfortanatly when he speaks in Fullerton he usually has choice words to PuT Czar-a in his place…not on the pedistal he sees his self. hmm …this could be a set-up

  4. I really don’t care for Zahra, but the position of Mayor is largely ceremonial and just means that he’s in charge of the progression of the meetings and has a gavel. The mayor has no more power than any other City Council member.

    Also…the tolerance of comments like “dumb Mexican women” and “queer is dear” serves to detract from the credibility of this blog and the public purpose you serve to shine light into dark places.

    1. Take a bong hit and chill. Queer is an acceptable term, and what else would you call the Spanish-speaking women who are used as puppets in Zahra’s little passions plays? Well, you’re right. Maybe they are from Honduras. Or maybe they only pretend they can’t speak English to waste everybody’s time.

      Now go take a toke, bro.

    2. How come you never responded to the thuggish behavior and false accusations your FPD bros leveled against the council members who actually put the best interests of residents ahead of union thugs? The PD and Fire union criminals are despicable!

      1. That and Zahra were handled at the last city council. By a female combat veteran.
        I watched her and she said it all in her 3 minutes. I also wonder why they did not bring this veterans statement forward. It is apparent that with all men sitting up there on council not one of them has the balls to put the pig union in check. I believe she spoke at around the 22 minute mark or a little after. If 4 F had any brains that would be front page. But who really knows the agenda of this blog or the testicles running it.
        She even told council to make the title of Mayor an elected position.
        I would like to thank her for speaking especially after losing her child.
        May God Bless her and thank her for serving our country still.

        1. Why would anyone think that one’s status as an armed forces veteran grants them any type of authority on civic affairs?

    3. It’s all about the brownie points. Anyone seeking re-election would prefer their job description (as shown on the ballot) as “Fullerton Mayor” and will post signs throughout the city stating “Re-elect Mayor Zahra” versus the title of incumbent.

      This is why Zahra was upset last year when he was not selected as Mayor Pro-tem, since it affected the line-of-succession for him to become the Mayor during this upcoming election cycle.

        1. Agree, Fullerton will be lugging around another bag of crap, just a dif name. The city NEVER learns from its mistakes. Sit back and watch the city be destroyed further.

            1. I hope to hell you are right. I will be the first to say I was wrong, and happy to do it.

              Past behavior is the best indicator of future behavior. I lived here for 60+ years, it has been this way for the past 40+ years.

              It has been a slow decent into the cesspool of corruption and greed. It is no longer a PD and city council you can trust to take care of its citizens….only themselves.

  5. Hansburg resigned last night and set herself on fire. Bad mouthed all city council members except Zara.

    Gotta see it! Amazingly whacky.

      1. Hansberg states that the projects were well veted but this is not the case as sited by her fellow commisioners from the previous meeting


        Hansbergs problem is with her own commissioners…. As she trys to fastrack a building to citycouncil for approval siting legal reasons commissionor Cox strongly disagree’s & Gambino states “Why are we even here” if we cant discuss theses issues important to the project

        3:15 -3:18

    1. She basically is taking her ball and going home. Apparently can’t provide cogent arguments that would garner support for her positions.

      1. Therefore, violate the ethics provisions of the commissioners handbook, resign, then adjourn a meeting she has no authority to adjourn.

        Textbook hissy fit. Where’s Hoogerbooger? He’ll understand.

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