The Deal

When he’s not lecturing us on ethics, Fullerton City Councilman Ahmad Zahra climbs down from his high horse to participate in all sorts of activities that don’t seem very ethical at all.

It’s the though that counts…

We have seen how he became embroiled in a battery and vandalism case in which he had the record permanently sealed. He claims exoneration but word has escaped the DAs office that Zahra pleaded guilty, did community service had had his record expunged.

We have also seen how Zahra claimed authorship of Water District-related articles actually ghost-written by a district bureaucrat; and how he tried to leverage this pseudo-expertise to keep his well-compensated seat on that board.

Grab it and consume it as fast as you can…

Then there’s the about-face Zahra played on the suckers of Fullerton when he announced that the open seat on the Council should be decided by a vote, and then promptly voted to appoint Jan Flory to the vacancy at the behest of Jennifer Fitzgerald.

The closer you look, the worse it gets.

And that last bit is what this story is about. The deal that Zahra cut with Fitzgerald to appoint Flory and get himself appointed to the lucrative Orange County Water District Board, a board that pays stipends for all sorts of meetings and sub-committee meetings.

Check this out:

Just before Zahra was replaced on the Water Board in 2021 by Bruce Whitaker, the District paid $10,000 to “CL7” for something called a “OC Water Special Water Insert.” I don’t know what that means, but I do know that CL7 is the name of Jennifer Fitzgerald’s side biz – when she wasn’t using the City to make bank for lobbyist Curt Pringle. So what’s going on here? A little gravy slopping out of the boat, or a legitimate job for a real public service? Knowing Fitzgerald’s complete lack of ethical compass and her influence peddling, I would bet on the former. Easy enough to find out: a PRA on the work order and a sample of the work product, and maybe any correspondence regarding this contract ought to do it.

And did Zahra have a role in this little handout? Was this a little payback for getting appointed in the first place? These sorts of little deals happen in OC political/government circles all the time. It’s all just easy government cheese. Maybe Zahra will be forthcoming about what this was all about. Maybe, but don’t count on it.

17 Replies to “The Deal”

  1. Cash money, baby!

    Man, she did well during COVID. New job from a city vendor with a live contract, kick back from OCWD, and a bailout from the Feds for her business that literally only employs herself and her husband.

    What won’t Jennifer Fitzgerald do for an easy buck?

  2. Please stop showing that picture of my former mistress. I know that look only too well – the maniacal dipsy look just before the broomstick came out.

  3. Is FFFF just throwing shade willy nilly? Are they too lazy to do the actual work and answering their own questions?

    Hey, don’t get mad at me, I’m just asking questions.

    1. I don’t know who you are but I’ll be happy to piss on your leg and it won’t cost you a dime. You’ll like it.

  4. with new Mayorship on the agenda Is Zhara going to nominate himself again to be mayor Pro Tem under Dunlap? does he have enouph votes?

    1. Tell me why anyone would want a Mayor who smacks women around representing their city ? Be real Akhmad no one wants you around here.

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