Hansburg Says Sayonara

Kids just love to walk…

Last Wednesday, Elizabeth Hansburg quit the Fullerton Planning Commission.

FFFF has already introduced Ms. Hansburg to the Friends, noting her involvement in the drive to cover Fullerton in penitentiary-like apartment blocks. Her “non-profit” is used to provide Astroturf support for developers of huge housing projects and of course donations from said developers are always welcome.

Ms. Hansburg was also part of the shadowing clan that developed a new housing plan that almost nobody knew anything about until it was conceptually presented the the City Council. The idea was (and is) to achieve the preposterous new housing unit needs count – 13,000 -proffered by SCAG, the Southern California Association of Government – an unelected agency run by and for bureaucrats and their Big Ideas.

Well, anyhow, Hansburg has had enough. Here’s her petulant good-bye speech at the end of the meeting in which she attacks the City Council, bemoans the loss of her beloved fellow 5th Columnists in City Hall, and of course praises the contemptible camera hog and credit thief, Ahmad Zahra.

Consistently awful…

Self-righteous, indignant, know-it-all. Hansburg went out of her way to promote God-awful projects that were intrusive, obnoxious, and promised a tsunami of negative impacts on our neighborhoods including more parking disasters.

Good riddance. This is exactly the sort of person that causes regular folks to be wary of self-proclaimed “experts” and the bureaucracies they love so dearly. Now she can peddle her services to developers free from legitimate charges of conflict of interest.

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  1. Wah the council wouldn’t approve the high density housing plans of my clients… ahem, donors even after their lobbyists met privately with council to grease the skids.

  2. Good riddance. Her massively underparked developments would have caused untold suffering for Fullerton’s apartment dwellers and nearby neighbors for decades to come.

  3. Awwwwwwww. Poor baby couldn’t make money off her political position. How sad.

    Should have taken direction from Fitzgerald instead of her terrible understudy Zahra.

    On the plus side, this little fit will be on the internet for every potential client of hers to see forever.

  4. We in the do-good community will miss her steady hand at the helm, guiding Fullerton through big and generous acts of kindness toward all the people in Fullerton – not just the well-heeled hill people represented by the Council majority.

    1. What a ridiculous, SJW-activist take. Hill people. Of course flatlanders and hillers has been a distiction since I was a kid, but the derogatory implication is dripping off this one.

      Almost makes me think this was a trolling expedition.

      1. The truth is we must realign the resources of the equity rich and help out the poor and underserved. Nothing mysterious about that. Mr. Ahmad and Mr. Silva represent the very best of this equity transition tradition.

        Me and my friends are social justice warriors and proud. We will always fight to give things to the underserved that they want an need to live the productive happy lives they deserve.

  5. Translation: My donor didn’t get his shitty project approved even though we all lobbied hard, meaning that in reality my group is completely worthless and I am unemployable.

  6. Habsburg and Noise champion, Matt Foulkes, wanted Fullerton to be the nosiest place on earth. Seriously. She lobbied so hard to create a thing called “The Noise Zone”.

    Unbelievable!. Out with the absurd and deceitful people.

    Let’s see who Zahra turns to for her replacement. This will be fun to watch.

    1. Exactly. “We know what’s best for you!”

      Why the he** do I have to pay for workforce housing? Why don’t the employers build some dorms or give their servants a raise?

  7. That is funny, because I am neither 50 and definitely not rich but at some point you have to say when. You can’t keep trying to give out participation trophies! Not everyone can afford to live in certain areas so people can do what a lot of us did, I lived in the Inland Empire for many years until I built up enough equity in my house then sold and moved back to Fullerton, better yet those parents that are allowing their adult children to live with them, teach them to save and budget, don’t charge them rent and then they could put a down payment on a house of their liking.

  8. She’s obnoxious and petulant. She has *nothing* going for her. That is why the politics of Big Government is her refuge. No substance, skill or talent is required to be important in halls of government mediocrity.

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