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    1. Maybe if Jung pontificated less the meetings could be reduced by an hour. I’m also tired of him and Zara bickering like children.

  1. Wasn’t Jenny the Mayor back then? Let’s count how many have departed from City Hall since ol Ken was given the boot.
    Let’s see, Ginger who seems to have had a very special somehow unnatural relationship with Kenny, Then Matt, who was hired by Ken and afraid to stay on with Fullerton after Ken was gone? Wait, do we see a pattern here? Now Antonia, formerly known as asst to the CM wants to come back to Fullerton after the electric company wasn’t so electric. Mama always said, you made your bed, now lie in it. Sorry Antonia, you already have a job at CSUF..we don’t take kindly to double dipping around these parts. And Crista, who was also brought in by Ken after Antonia left, should have been gone by now. Her contract is up and she said she has another job lined up. So what is she staying for? Needless to say, Fullerton doesn’t need these people hanging on to the teats of Fullerton till they are dry.

    1. So do you think the city can run with just an interim CM, and no other staff? Plus, it’s not like he’s so wonderful. And why would Matt stay when you were targeting him next.

      1. I don’t think the city can run at all, regardless of how many staff there are. It’s toast. Let her go insolvent and start over.

          1. What are you talking about? He’s voting with Quirk-Silva and Zahra all the time now. It seems like Dick Jones can talk Whitaker into any kind of bullshit and he has come to like it. Or more likely Dick Jones is talking to Linda Whitaker into it in the new family living room – the one in the basement of City Hall.

              1. They are. Both there all of the time. She walks around like a zombie. Who the hell comes to work with their spouse every day. Super weird. Or does he need a minder?

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