City Dumps Poison Park on Latino Community

Yes, Friends you heard that right. In the long history of official misfeasance regarding the ill-fated “Union Pacific Park” we’ve seen stupidity, indifference, lack of accountability waste, more stupidity. A project that nobody in the community wanted, but that a fun thing for Parks Director Susan Hunt to play with, and for Redevelopment Monopoly bucks to buy, has been a humiliation for everybody involved; or should be, except that bureuacrats in Fullerton have no shame and no rear-view mirror.

But now we discover, courtesy of a 19 year-old document, something a lot more nefarious than just the usual City Hall incompetence. Consider the following letter written to local property owner Tony Bushala, from then Redevelopment flunky, Ken O’Leary.


Here’s a smoking gun. The City had already purchased contaminated property, not bothering to employ a Phase 2 environmental assessment. And they knew that the perp was already cleaning up contamination “in the vicinity.” And yet the City proceeded building a park knowing that soils contamination was an issue surrounding the park, and evidently not giving damn whether their own soil was contaminated. So the park was built for well over a million bucks, then Lo and Behold – the park, by now renamed “Union Pacific Park,” was contaminated too. It was fenced off from the junkies and homeless and borachos that haunted it.

Naturally O’Leary is long gone, as is his boss, the ever-hapless Gary Chalupsky. Gone too are bungling bureaucrats Hunt, F. Paul Dudley, Bob Hodson, and former City Manager, Jim Armstrong, all enjoying six-figure pensions courtesy of you, me, and the people of the communidad who never wanted a park at all.

And now it seems the death march is to continue. Only recently City staff cooked up a lame scheme to put a private event center on the site, masquerading as an “educational” aquaponics farm. This hare-brained idea was ardently supported by Jesus Quirk Silva and Ahmad Zahra, two councilmen immune to common sense; and these two now, all of a sudden, want to start a whole new process to find out what the “community” wants, just like Susan Hunt did over 20 years ago. 

14 Replies to “City Dumps Poison Park on Latino Community”

  1. “So far clean up operations are not expected to occur on Paseo Park property…”

    That’s it right there. What was this based on, wishful thinking ot just complete indifference?

  2. Everyone knows that toxic waste can’t spread more than 29 feet. Why did they even bother testing anything?

  3. Zahra and Silva’s pathetic attempt to play providential patrons to this neighborhood are typical of the arrogant city hall approach – the approach that failed so spectacularly last time.

    First they staff “outreach” meetings at which time they (or one of their “charette” consultants) start the process of convincing the communidad what it wants. This is aided by specially placed astro-stooges of the sort Zahra just loves. In the end the communidad will decide they REALLY want them some aquaponics! Wait and see.

  4. Aquaponics is a gimmick that is used to make people think they will get dirt under their fingernails. The problem is the soil is contaminated and massive quantities of water gets wasted.

    1. I don’t know if that’s true but I know there is not going to be an aquaponics farm or a private events center there.

  5. “Jesus Quirk Silva and Ahmad Zahra, two councilmen immune to common sense”

    I Love it!
    You definitely nailed it!

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