New Source Rebuts Zahra’s Battery and Vandalism Story

Why is this man smiling?

For months the legal jeopardy of 5th District Councilman Ahmad Zahra was a matter of speculation among Fullerton council-watchers. Zahra of course, had been arrested by his own cops and charged with battery and vandalism by the District Attorney Todd Spitzer – stemming from a September 2020 incident. Then, recently, the case miraculously disappeared from the public record. But now a source within the DAs office suggests Zahra’s recitation of these events is a self-serving tissue of lies.

Just a couple of weeks ago folks watching the City Council meeting were treated to fine example of victimology on display when Zahra declaimed the wrongs committed against him by false testimony; his declaration that he had been exonerated; his claim that he had somehow fallen prey to an antiquated justice system; that it was actually he and his poor, frightened mom who were the victims!

Here’s what Zahra subsequently said to the intrepid reporter for the Fullerton Observer, doubling down on his tale: “I was exonerated, but of course some have since tried to politicize this very unfortunate family matter. My case was clear-cut, but I feel for those with less clarity in their cases, that end up being hurt, in what is sometimes a difficult justice system to navigate.” A

But was any of that even true?

The informed source in the DAs office has completely contradicted Zahra’s story. In the revised version of the tale, Zahra pled guilty, did community service, and because his record was clean, the case was closed and expunged.

Now I don’t know about you, but to me this second account actually has the ring of truth about it. We probably won’t find out the truth now that the case is gone like the wind, but one thing is certain – this episode is going to hang around Zahra’s neck like an albatross in next year’s election.

27 Replies to “New Source Rebuts Zahra’s Battery and Vandalism Story”

  1. Sounds true, but if it’s not, it should be really easy for Zahra to disprove. How ’bout it, Ahmad? Show us that the charges were dropped.

  2. Did his community service consist of taking selfies in front of a flag, or did they actually make him do a few hours of labor for the first time in his life.

  3. The saddest thing may be that he has duped hundreds of people into thinking he’s actually worth a shit.

  4. Thank you FFFF for once again seeking justice and enlightening Fullerton. The sleazy creeps really hate you guys, and this article is why!

  5. If I’ve learned one thing from 10 years in this city, it’s that FFFF rumors always end up being true.

  6. Maybe he doesn’t know what exonerated means. Anyhoo, it’s back to the lucrative world of snuff film making.

  7. Wait, so I’m supposed to believe an anonymous blog about an anonymous “source”?? Reveal who you are and your source, before slandering!

    1. Um…request denied. Believe whatever you want. Zahra can easily disprove my source. And if he can, and does, I’ll be happy to post his proof.

      Unfortunately politicians are way too free and easy with the word “exonerate.”

  8. The arrest took place at Miguels Arrizon’s condo on Pomona Ave. at The Meredith Manor – where Councilman Zahra lived before he got separated.

    At the city Council meeting Ahmad Zahra said the “false” arrest was at his house where his mother lives.

    Who’s lying, Ahmad Zahra, or the arresting officers?

    Ahmad Zhara said no one name “Monica F.” was present at the arrest.

    Who’s lying, Akmad Zhara, or the arresting officers?

  9. This guy is starting to lose it. I wouldn’t be surprised if he went postal soon. Be careful out there.

  10. walls are closing in on ah-MAD. don’t be fooled! there’s a sociopath behind all the endless bloviating.

  11. “somehow fallen prey to an antiquated justice system”
    He just wants some of that sweet Chesa Boudin/George Gascón justice.

    He deserves understanding and a medal for being a POC being oppressed by the system!!1!

  12. Nice article, Mr Peabody!

    Thanks for putting the glaring light of truth in the faces of the corrupt living liars who lie.!!

    Please do not stop.

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