Fullerton Police Officer Gets Wrist Slapped for Felony

Dearly Departed Sappy McTree

The Joe Felz Cover-up is nearly complete. Yesterday the officer, Jeff Corbett, who falsified his report, was slapped on the wrist for his felonious actions.

While we don’t know what happened in his Jury Trial, the bench trial ended yesterday with the judge giving him less time for lying in his official capacity as a police officer than you can get for contempt of court.

His attorney said this case, where an officer lied on a report, was more of a “political football than a felony”. Let that sink in. Lying under the color of authority isn’t that big of a deal in this system.

His attorney also claimed that Corbett was being prosecuted for his “opinion” that Joe Felz wasn’t intoxicated. What this defense attorney and judge ignored is that it took Corbett over an hour to conduct his “limited investigation” because, according to Corbett himself, the “back and forth phone calls” took too long. Those are the phone calls between Corbett, Danny Hughes, Jennifer Fitzgerald and lord knows who else.

So the powers that be were pulling strings for Felz to not get treated like any other DUI in Fullerton (hi MADD!) and Corbett went along with it by stating that an obviously intoxicated Felz (who plead guilty to that fact) didn’t seem intoxicated. The other officers reported that Felz “smelled of alcohol” but something something Corbett is hero and deserve.

The judge admitted she had no idea there was an independent investigation by RCS and she clearly didn’t know the facts of the case or she wouldn’t call this just a “sloppy investigation”.

The judge claimed there are a lot of politics involved and then claimed she was going to avoid the politics to “follow the law” but you cannot untangle the two in this case. Let us not forget that the Mayor and Chief of Police directed the actions of a police officer in relation to the drinking and driving by the City Manager. That the officer was on the up-and-up when he claimed to not think the City Manager was drunk under the law (after not doing a breathalyzer and waiting over an hour to conduct any sobriety tests) is laughable at best.

Corbett Sentence

It only took 51 months, 14 days (or 1,567 days) for the illusion of justice to be handed down in the Joe Felz Sappy McTree Caper.

All in all he got 80 hours of community service, is required to pay restitution (that may not even exist), is required to pay $500 to the “victim witness” and Corbett can’t work in law enforcement anymore. Once this “diversion” is completed in a year the record will be sealed.

All that remains is for the body worn camera footage to be “lost” by FPD now that there is no reason to legally withhold it from the public.

16 Replies to “Fullerton Police Officer Gets Wrist Slapped for Felony”

  1. Who is the judge that signed off on this matter? The people should be made aware so as the remember come Election Day.

    1. The Honorable Terri K. Flynn-Peister is a judge for the Superior Court of Orange County in California. She was appointed by former governor Jerry Brown on December 27, 2012.

      1. FORM 700 TERRI FLYNN-PEISTER SUPPLEMENT TO SCHEDULE A-List the name of each reportable single source of income of $10,000 or more.

        Janice Emmil
        Joyce Mack
        Truman and Pat McLaughlin
        Tom Freeman
        Bristol Park Medical Group
        Memorial Care Medical Group
        Lorraine Antioco

  2. So the fix wasn’t in? It was always in. The only thing Fullerton is somewhat good at is stalling. There will be another reason they cook up tp protect Heroes past and present.

    Corbett kept his mouth shut and named no names, although nobody believes he wasn’t told coached along by Danny and Jen’.

  3. Alcoholics never seem drunk they are well rehearsed and practiced at acting sober.
    Felz was canned at least, but we were stuck with Jen and are now stuck with Zarah despite their sins and crimes against humanity.

  4. Fact: the culture of corruption is imbedded within the walls of the FPD.

    If the car video of Felz fleeing the scene and the DAR’s from the cops on the scene of a crime all somehow gets “lost”, that will prove my point.

  5. I haven’t seen any evidence that Corbett did anything wrong. Maybe the video will prove or disprove everything! Back the badge!!!

    1. There’s lots of evidence that Felz was drunk as hell. He crashed his car and then there was the subsequent escape attempt. Everyone has accepted that Corbett took care of the cover-up. Even the stupid judge who let him off anyway admitted it. Why are you the last hold out?

    2. I’m sure the administrative investigation, done by other cops, made a conclusion without any evidence whatsoever.

      Idiot, heal thyself.

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