Fullerton’s Nuisance Noise and The Ongoing Saga of Incompetence and Corruption. Part 3

Okay. What have we learned so far about Fullerton’s long and corrupt attempt to avoid addressing the problem of amplified outdoor music?

I’m not going to do my job and you can’t make me…

First we have learned that Fullerton’s “experts” in the Planning and Code Enforcement divisions have been serially uninterested in enforcing their own laws in an effort to appease and placate scofflaw bars in the financial sinkhole known as downtown Fullerton.

Second we have learned that you can’t make government bureaucrats do their jobs if they don’t want to do them.

Stop the noise, consarn it!

Way back in 2009 City Hall knew it had a problem on its hands as the metastasizing and illegal clubs began sharing their good times with everybody else. A “consultant” called Bon Terra was engaged to to a noise study and the City Council, at the time, voted to maintain the existing code that prohibited outdoor music.

But saying something and doing something about it reflects a mammoth void in Fullerton, and the bureaucrats in City Hall don’t give up on an issue until one way or another, they get what they want.

Yes, that is the answer!

And in 2012 they got a friend, Jennifer Fitzgerald, who was more than happy to run interference for people who had no qualms about violating the noise and land-use law.

You can take the douche out of the bag…

And so, over the next seven years, the Noise Nuisance continued, most notably at The Slidebar, a club that was illegally operating without a CUP. And even as the nuisance continued, the City embarked on a campaign to eliminate any restrictions at all. Complaints were invariably batted away by Planning Directors Karen Haluza, Ted White, and Matt Foulkes who, along with our egregious City Attorney, Dick Jones kept citing studies and new plans, and whatever else they could use as a pretext for doing nothing.

Matt Foulkes. The downward spiral is complete.

Finally by 2019, it became apparent that the goal was to permit an acoustic free-for-all in downtown Fullerton.


5 Replies to “Fullerton’s Nuisance Noise and The Ongoing Saga of Incompetence and Corruption. Part 3”

  1. It’s a fact. Citizens are virtually incapable of making them do what the pretend they are supposed to be doing. There is recourse to honest services fraud, but good luck with that – you need a DA willing to go after fellow public employees.

  2. In response to noise nuisance I live by the old hunt wesson property and during the summer months we have to put up with people drifting in the parking lot at 11:00pm till 2:00am sometimes and our Police and city council have done nothing I have asked them time and time again to do something and it falls on deaf ears.

  3. Come on now, blaming “Staff”, City Attorney, Mayor for Hire and Hee-Haw for allowing the noise problems to proliferate and grow does not do justice to the role that the pigs have played. Have they finally paid Slimebar back for concealing their role in murdering Kelly Thomas? Will they ever do their job if there are no donuts to eat? How about the current City Manager’s negligence in 2019 that simply eliminated the Codes that used to regulated the outdoors noise coming from the bars? Is it finally time to clean house? Let’s hope so.

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