Dick Jones’ New Fence

For years, City Hall people liked to tell people they didn’t care what the blogs had to say. Early on, Ken Domer was famous for that.

I guess those days are over. About a week after my blog post showing Dick’s stairs in complete disrepair, the above fence was erected.

Hey, at least it matches the trim.

6 Replies to “Dick Jones’ New Fence”

  1. Somehow I can’t shake the feeling that using baling wire to secure safety barriers doesn’t meet code requirements. Also, notice the 2X4 handrails on the stairs leading down to the parking area. In no way do they meet the code. But, if you’re Dick Jones, you can do the minimum and city will let it slide.

    Unless billable hours are involved. Then all the stops are pulled out. After all, he only wants the best for his clients. Unfortunately, you and I are not his clients.

  2. Dick should be able to use his PPP money to fix his building.

    Actually, all of his PPP money should go to Fullerton to make up for small percentage of his legal blunders.

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