Jones “Public Nuisance” Mayer

If you thought having a City Attorney’s office suing bloggers to cover up their incompetence was bad and unethical, you’ll love this:

Fullerton’s joke of a law firm Jones & Mayer has left their front steps in a state of decrepit disrepair for at least 6 months.  Their office is located at 3777 N. Harbor Blvd, alongside a busy sidewalk.  Imagine taking your young child for a walk, losing sight for a quick second, and then watching them crack their head open on that rusty steel mess, protected only by a 2×4?

Or how about working here under the assumption that that temporary railing is well-secured?  Look closely, it isn’t.

Let’s see what constitutes a “public nuisance” within the City of Fullerton:

Who would have thought the City Attorney is the poster child of how best to violate 6.01.030 (A) and (B) many times over?

I hope the irony of this is not lost on you.  This is a law firm who makes their living advising cities on “public nuisance” cases all over California, presiding over administrative hearings, and in some cases prosecuting land owners who refuse to make repairs for the very same type of neglect and disrepair pictured above.

Time and time again, the arrogance of City Attorney Dick Jones is just stunning.  He interprets or disregards the law in whichever way is most convenient for his interests.  In case you’ve forgotten, now would be a good time to review Dick Jones’ attempt to steal a pension from CalPERS by faking himself as a City of Westminster employee.  He knew better then, and he knows better now but just doesn’t care, and that’s the problem.

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  1. Seeing how Jones and his hirelings have worked in the past, I expect Jones to use some convoluted excuse that bailing wire is just fine for permanently securing that railing. You know, kind of like clicking on a publicly accessible link is hacking. Good luck on that one.

    I wonder how OSHA would rule on this one?

    P.S. Won any cases lately?

  2. It’s blight. The city will help him bulldoze it and build a mixed use high density condo slum.

  3. He has nothing to worry about. Code Enforcement in Fullerton is non existent, unless your last name is Bushala.

  4. That fat fucker got how much in Covid relief funds, and never skipped a beat?

    But, still can’t fix his rickety ass stairs, WTF!

  5. Jones submitted phony timecards in Westminster to qualify as an employee. And that, my friends, is a crime.

  6. Speaking of Dick Jones fraudulent attempt to portray himself as a public employee in Westminster, guess who the city manager was who was in on it? A gent named Eddie Manfro, who quit that job last year to work in the “private sector” as an “HR consultant”.

    And guess who is now being paid by Fullerton taxpayers to negotiate with the unions? Dick Jones accomplice, Eddie Manfro.

  7. You guys have this all wrong. Jones, et al, have been living in fear about the malcontents on FFFF. They’ve been expecting an angry mob (at least 3 or 4), complete with pitch forks and buckets of tar, to descend on their headquarters. So it’s quite reasonable that they (figuratively) pulled up their drawbridge. They had planned to flood the underground parking area and fill it with alligators, but the city forced them to settle with Curlee and Ferguson before they got that part of the defenses finished.

    So you see, it’s all a misunderstanding. Just like suing Curlee and Ferguson was just a misunderstanding.

  8. Wow. That is laughably ramshackle, it looks like someone’s drunk uncle put that mess together. Hard to believe lawyer would be dumb enough to allow that for any length of time. The true face of professionalism!

    Thank you David for showcasing this and for highlighting the definition of a public nuisance. The bombed out shithole behind Walgreens on Raymond and Chapman fits it exactly-I wonder why the city has turned a blind eye to that mess for so long…

  9. Some human beings have no morals, no principles, no ethics and no integrity. Those human beings look at Dick Jones and say, “Well, at least we’re not as bad as that guy.”

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