A Manfro All Seasons

The Man from Manfro

Who is Eddie Manfro? I asked myself the other day. Name sounds familiar.

See, I had seen the name pop up on a Fullerton City Council agenda as somebody who was involved as a participant, along with our former City Manager, Ken Domer, in carrying on labor negotiations with the City’s  labor unions.

Hmm. Where had I heard that name before? Then it hit me. He’s the former City Manager of Westminster, who quit last year to become some sort of “human resources” expert whose supposed abilities were now for sale. Apparently Ken Domer was in the market for Manfro’s “expertise.”  If the thought of a couple of bungling bureaucrats negotiating on your behalf makes you a little uneasey, well…but, I digress.

Here’s why I remember Eddie Manfro: he’s the City Manager who willingly participated in the Dick Jones  scam in Westminster, where our ethically plugged-up City Attorney pretended to be a city employee to qualify for the CalPERS pension system and even went so far as to submit fraudulent time cards to line up with the sham. I believe these are all crimes.

No, I wasn’t asleep. I was praying…

And Eddie Manfro went along with the scam; and now, surprise, he is getting work from another agency in Dick Joneses stable of fine municipalities.

How did Eddie acquire this gig, that’s what I would like to know. And when for God’s freaking sake is  Fullerton’s City Council finally going get rid of the incompetent, corrupt, and utterly self-serving, the Dickensianly awful, the I Can’t Believe It’s a Law Firm® of Jones and Mayer?


15 Replies to “A Manfro All Seasons”

  1. What’s wrong with submitting fraudulent documents? Jones and Domer and Foulkes were just fine with Florentine submitting a forged planning application. What’s a little fraud between friends?

  2. Lie with dogs, get fleas. Or in Felz and Domer’s cases, fired. Dick Jones needs to go before it’s too late.

  3. Jones has greased a lot of political palms. He gets works because he gives rebates to his corrupt clients.

  4. This is sick and twisted. Fullerton is still one of the most corrupt cities in Orange County.

    1. Yes it is, and for some reason nobody cares. Why isn’t Fullerton in the papers/indictments like the city of Bell, To name one corrupt example?

      Palm to head….Oh that’s right!!…. the orange county DA is corrupt too!

      1. And Sharon QS protects her cronies and makes sure county and state agencies do her cronies no harm.

        1. And why is THAT not in the news?

          She has been an infection since she was voted into Fullerton cc and now her gob,not job….what idiots vote for that woman?

          She was the one voted in to “recover” the Fullerton cesspool after”step on your own weenie” mayor fled for the border. Wasnt he a Dick Jones too? Can’t recall…I try to forget. I know he was a Dick…but….during the kelly Thomas murder era. What a nightmare it has been she she dawned Fullerton’s doorstep.

          1. Chris Norby looks like Abraham Lincoln compared to the clown show Fullerton has called a City Council for over a decade.

  5. Hiring Dick Jones’ criminal accomplice is a Zahra-Silva level of fail. Who got bamboozled into being the third vote?

    1. Jones & Mayer are not under any sort of long-term or short-term contract with the city. They can be replaced at any time by the Council by a 3-2 vote. Whitaker, Dunlap, and Jung need to do this.

  6. As long as public employee unions can participate in the election process, government will never serve the people before they serve themselves. The revolving door of “public” employee to “consultant” will keep spinning because dip-shits like Quirk-Silva and Zahra see that as their future too.

    1. No truer words have been spoken. The unions own the city of Fullerton, And have for many years.

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