Is Fitzgerald Out?

I’m not telling the truth and you can’t make me…

Rumor is circulating that our Mayor-for-Hire, lobbyist Jennifer Fitzgerald isn’t going to be running for election to represent District 1 in Fullerton this fall. Good news, indeed, if true, for those who care about honest, competent government.

But is it true? No pronouncements have been forthcoming from the woman herself which suggests that the rumor isn’t true, or that the influence peddler is going to try to slide in a candidate of her own choosing – one who may just be amenable to continuing the Culture of Corruption in the FPD and the Culture of Incompetence in City Hall.

Pringle and Fitzgerald

What her departure might mean for her future value for the swamp known as Pringle and Associates remains to be seen.

Well, I guess we’ll know in about six weeks. And if Her Highness is just playing games and is going to run after all, we’ll be reminding voters of her:

  1. Promise to take no pay or benefits, and then doing just that.
  2. Lying about a “balanced budget” for years while depleting reserve funds to pay for ever-greater pension obligations.
  3. Covering up the drunk driving of her best buddy, City Manager Joe Felz, a spectacle that has embarrassed the City, ever since.
  4. Ignoring the roads of Fullerton until they have become the worst in Orange County , as determined by the OCTA.
  5. Presiding over the shoddy or incompetent  construction of vanity projects that put money in the pockets of her campaign contributor.
  6. Working as a lobbyist while representing the City of Fullerton.
Axis of Casual Corruption.

So bring it on Jen.’ We’ve been paying attention and we’re gonna make sure your neighbors know all about your record. Stooge endorsement from recalled former council buffoons, corrupt liberals and government camp followers and a new tsunami of prevarication ain’t gonna cut it in 2020.


20 Replies to “Is Fitzgerald Out?”

  1. You left out the part about suing honest citizens pursuing their right to gain and disseminate information that was being illegally hidden to protect crooked deals that never should have been made.

  2. And please take the hideous Flory and the equally obnoxious Gretchen Cox with you when yo quit.

  3. You forgot about her persecution of journalists for uncovering the violent criminal misdeeds of her police union pals.

  4. Unless you find a magical unicorn politician that can fix the roads while taxing you less, I think you will always be unhappy.

    1. Or we could start paying a lot less for salaries and hence pensions. Bet that didn’t occur to you did it?

    2. We really are uninformed and I keep telling us to keep our mouth shut to avoid looking dumb, but we never listen.

  5. She and her surrogates are obviously playing games. It won’t help. She is going to get hammered and the fun is about to begin.

  6. I heard it was true too. Why wouldn’t it be? Would you want to be on the city council when this financial mess gets even worse? Imagine running for office on a platform of raising taxes, which is the only answer they have. Just watch where her campaign money goes…

    1. Just noticed the new post. Apparently it is true – if she is to be believed, which is dicey. I’m watching out for the puppet she’s going to try to install. When she leaves her little empire of terror is going to collapse.

        1. I know I’ve said it about ten thousand time to ourselves and even others: I really try to tell us to keep our fat mouth closed but we just can seem to listen to me. Oh, well, better to appear stupid than not to be heard at all.

          1. “Empire of terror” is over the top hyperbole any way you cut it.

            You don’t have to like her or her performance or her politics.

            But if you can justify the phrase “empire of terror” go for it. Sounds like you can’t so you just shoot insults.

            1. Little empire of terror was the term, not empire of terror.

              It’s not hyperbolic, it’s silly.

              You, on the other hand, are an unstoppable moron.

  7. “I ran for this office with a firm belief that I could help restore divisions within our city so that we could focus together on important issues impacting our collective future.” Did she help restore divisions? When she voted to appoint Flory to the city council instead of having a fair election process with 23 applicants denied even basic consideration? That one move caused much division because Flory friend of Fitzgerald was not elected and was the swing vote on many divisive issues…. She did vote for a shelter to be built down by state college for the homeless however

    1. Everything has been a lie from her first day campaigning in 2012. She’s just a lying little sack of shit and the people who supported her are just as bad. Her whole mission was to try to erase the Kelly Thomas murder and the recall of her friends the Three Rotten Eggs. She was going to get hammered by Bushala & Co. and everybody in Fullerton knows it.

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