Fitzgerald Is Quitting, She Says

Sucked dry…

But the problem is that everything she says is a lie. Don’t believe me? Then read this self-satisfied “I’m Done” statement sent out this AM.

The bullshit was piling up so fast we needed wings to stay above it…

First let’s celebrate this announcement, if actually true. It means everybody’s life is going to get better in Fullerton as the sticky webs of self-interest entangling Fitzgerald and the taxpayers are cut.

And now let’s examine the stockpile of dishonesty this statement contains.

No, Ms. Fitzgerald, you did not “comprehensively” reform a corrupt police department. In fact, you permitted the fester to continue with zero accountability and more massive legal settlements. When anybody tried to uncover your malfeasance, you used public resources to sue them into submission. Even that failed.

No, Ms. Fitzgerald, you did not discover stable sources of revenue to address water and sewer. You continued the rip-off of the water fund by diverting a massive amount of money to pay for general fund expenses. And as you passed out more pay and pension increases to your union friends, you told everybody the budgets were balanced, a reckless lie that led Fullerton toward insolvency.

No, Ms. Fitzgerald, you did not increase road repair in your 8 long years. The roads in Fullerton are now the worst in the county according to your own pals at OCTA.

No, Ms. Fitzgerald, Hilcrest (sic) Park is not rehabilitated. It’s landscaping is still a disgrace and dying faster than ever, retaining walls and paving are deteriorating. Instead you wasted millions on poorly built, ramshackle woods stairs and a ceremonial bridge that nobody uses.

Yes, Ms. Fitzgerald at the behest of your developer buddies you are personally responsible for adding thousands of “housing units” – mostly in the form of massive, overbuilt tenements-of-the-future that made a mockery of Fullerton’s zoning and have placed an even greater burden on our frail infrastructure.

Yes, Ms. Fitzgerald you sure did prioritize “downtown revitalization,” if by that you mean running interference for scofflaw bar owners like Florentines and the douchebag Jeremy Popoff; defending a scene of nightly mayhem that cost the citizens $1.5 million more per year than it generates in revenue. Your “improved working relationship” with business owners meant directing staff and the City Attorney to ignore serial code violators and even to tolerate forged official city documents; and to harass people who didn’t fling themselves at your feet.

Sorry, dear, but nobody is going to be unhappy to see you go, if in fact and at long last you are finally telling the truth. You may feel “immensely proud” of all your alleged good works, but that’s just obvious self-delusion. Your constituents almost without exception – at least the ones paying attention – are feeling immensely relieved at the happy prospect of your departure; and immensely disgusted at your legacy of putting the interest of you and your friends above the interest of the city.




23 Replies to “Fitzgerald Is Quitting, She Says”

  1. Everybody knows Bushala and his crew are gunning for her and that its a target-rich environment. She was toast when she started taking pay from the City. She finally just saw the writing on the wall.

  2. She’s had a stranglehold on the bureaucracy and with Flory and the dope Silva she got whatever she wanted. It will be interesting to see who she can dredge up from the bottom to replace her. In any case Fullerton is a lost cause for Pringle.

  3. The dirty deals she made with other council members to control the votes were most likely against protocol. Her working for Pringle is enough to warrant taking her off council. I would wager she’s maybe waist deep in conducting just this side of legal deals with builders and developers. Did someone say kickbacks? Maybe some day it will all surface.

  4. I remember the time she volunteered to represent Fullerton at the SCAG junket in Rancho Mirage since “she was going there for work anyway.” It was always clear who she was working for, and it wasn’t us.

  5. It’s a trick. It’s a lie. It’s a political tactic that seasoned political junkies use to get as many people in a race as possible to dilute the field.

  6. Great Article!! She seems a little worried.. wonder why?? Maybe the arrest of Jose Huizar got her running before the questioning begins! Just like Don Hoppe!! Good thing she’s still local! The corruption in this city will be exposed!

  7. She sure did restore divisions. I don’t think that’s what she meant to write. Well, there’s that BIOLA degree hard at work.

  8. She quit that same week the Orange County Grand Jury released a report about Pringle ripping off the toll road agency. She’ll be busy this November trying to stay employed.

  9. She quit because she’s going to stick Fullerton with a 16% increase in sales taxes (1.25%) to pay off public safety pensions.

    1. A 16% sales tax increase won’t come close to paying off the public safety pension deficit.

  10. 9 years ago today we left some unfinished business.
    The gruesome murder of Kelly Thomas by the Fullerton Police.
    There is no time like now to set things right in the name of Justice For All.
    33 minutes of torture will never be forgotten and this is exactly why Fullerton will always be cursed.
    Clean up the mess FPD and maybe I would have some trust in you…

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