I’d Like to Welcome Jung & Dunlap to Council

Can these two help bring some accountability to Fullerton?

On Tuesday two brand spanking new council members were sworn into office and I’d like to welcome them to the reindeer games of local politics. So far I like these two men even if I was put off by many of Jung’s endorsements in the lead up to the election. Money in politics is money in politics so his voting record will ultimately be the stick by which to measure him.

My personal opinions aside I want to be fair and transparent here – I will call you out on unprincipled or ridiculous votes & actions. Bruce Whitaker is my favorite local politician and I’ve throw an axe or two dozen his way when we disagreed on items. I’m not a party person so I don’t look the other way for political expedience or make exceptions for bad behavior. I don’t care about team sports – I care about what is and isn’t just and right for the people being represented. Be good stewards of your office and don’t suckle at the teat of party or local corruption and we’ll get along famously.

I’ve already seen Jung & Dunlap take some flak online for how the Mayor Pro-Tem vote went down but that’s partisan nonsense. (D)s can’t claim the moral high ground and whine that Zahra didn’t get a largely ceremonial title when he himself denied that title to Whitaker just this past year. You reap what you sow and we here at the Friend’s for Fullerton’s Future take a certain joy in pointing these karmic events out.

Therefore, Council members Dunlap & Jung, welcome to Fullerton’s political arena from one of the city’s most [choose your own pejorative] chronic malcontents. Cheers.

I look forward, optimistically, to your tenure.

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  1. Dunlap and Jung, please keep a very watchful eye on the thugs and murderers who call themselves Fullerton PD.

  2. I like to take a moment to congratulate Council member Fred Jung and Pro-term Mayor Dunlap.
    May God bless you, and the holly spirit guides you with wisdom in every step of the way to serve the people in these wonderful City.
    We take pride to be a Fullertonian. We love Fullerton and the great Family Values. Never change them please!
    Stay strong and positive always.
    We trust you already.
    Best Wishes,
    Ladies of the neighborhood

    1. Karma Zahra. Ask all the Whitaker supporters how many times Bruce was burned. Be a big boy and take your medicine now Champ.

    1. I am looking for a complete overhaul of messed up unethical morons running things….
      Do these guys have it or will it be just the same??? You are already behind since 7-5-2011.

    1. Up in in Dog Heaven I get wind of things pretty quickly. The Good Bye Party #3 was scheduled to take place at Joe Florentine’s Happy Italiano Lounge but then The Florentine Mob pulled the plug on biz and skipped out on who knows how much back rent.

      So now the party will be held at overnight RV park behind the Elephant Packing House. Jennifer Fitzgerald will be the emcee and talk about all the wonderful things my former mistress accomplished over the years – massive pension debt, water tax, killer cops, infrastructure, and the like.

  3. I couldn’t help but jump for joy when at their first meeting the newly elected Council members sent a shock wave through the Dem partisan players Jesus Quirk-Silva and Ahmad Zahra. Looks like the new Council is going to put the people’s interests before Party politics. Power to the people!

    1. Some times the job is attempting to undo the damage that other did. Sometimes saying no is a money making proposition. Think of all the money that could have been made if all the council members voted no on the paid parking program. yes is easy to say but costly when it comes to pensions… i’m not sure I understand your reasoning..

  4. There is nothing “noble” about Zahra.
    From taking off his glasses in council meetings in some profound way (now it has morphed into taking off his face mask in meetings) to being manipulated by Fitzgerald time and time again (big dummy), everything that fake does is an orchestrated act.
    Keep selling your soul and our city out for your own political benefit Zahra.
    Recall that deadbeat. He doesn’t have a job. His job is screwing us all over and smiling back at us while we work to clean up his bullshit.

  5. Check the LAW. If you knowingly let someone leave your house completely intoxicated YOU are responsible for that persons life!!!!!!!!

  6. California law significantly limits third-party liability for alcohol-related accidents. In fact, California Civil Code section 1714 explicitly states that “the furnishing of alcoholic beverages is not the proximate cause of injuries resulting from intoxication, but rather the consumption of alcoholic beverages is the proximate cause of injuries inflicted upon another California Dram Shop and by an intoxicated person.”

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