Fullerton’s “Father” Dennis Casts the First Stone

A few days ago I broke the story of Fullerton Council member Ahmad Zahra being charged by the OC District Attorney for battery & vandalism. The Fullerton Observer picked up on it and quoted/cited us as the source. Fullerton’s “Father” Dennis then shared the Observer’s Facebook post on the issue and in doing so decided to besmirch my character and call me a fascist and Klansmen.

Father Dennis KKK Dickbag
How to be a dickbag in one easy post…

I was going to let this go with a snarky Facebook post but the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to lay waste to the idea that somebody can get away with being such a total dickbag without response simply by virtue of a fancy title.

First let us put aside the robes that shield him from much criticism because clearly he has ignored their meaning and supposed importance. Despite being a member of the Order of the Servants of Mary (OSM), he forgot that he’s supposed to, and I quote (emphasis added);

“be at the service of God and all people, drawing inspiration from Mary, Mother and Servant of the Lord”

I’m sure Mary, mother of Jesus and Servant of the Lord, would absolutely twist a local blog’s name  (It’s FFFF not FFF or Tri-F) to impugn them as fascists and members of the KKK. Right? I’m positive that passage is in a missing chapter of the Bible which is still locked in the Vatican archives. Maybe not.

Hey “Father” Dennis, on what grounds do you compare me to the KKK? Because I’m white and you don’t like my politics? You offer no other substance so let’s just go with self-loathing racism. It’s all the rage these days with commies and crybullies online so it would track with your politics. Is that the same basis for likening me to a fascist?

Like I said, total dickbag.

The stupidity here is that I’m called these things by intellectual cowards because I think the law shouldn’t favor one group of people over any others and that the State shouldn’t dictate how you live your life. I want you to keep what you earn and for private charity (like, *gasp*, the tax exempt Church) to pick up the slack instead of a useless government that fails on every level. My political ideology is directly opposite of fascism but alas Father Dennis knows as much – or he would if he bothered to get to know the people he insults.

When *I* insult somebody at least I get the insults and facts on which I base them correct.

But no, not “Father” Dennis. Not the savior of the poor who’s so piously busy saving Orange County’s downtrodden by demanding the State steal from you to give to them and attempting to turn a city sidewalk into a third world shantytown.

Father Dennis Shanytown
Photo from the Fullerton Observer

“Father” Dennis looks to be taking his cues from Communist China and just rewriting biblical theology to suit his personal desires and petty grievances while hoping he can cloak his ugliness in the robes of faux piety.

You cast the first stone here “Father” and unlike so many others around town I’m willing to catch it and throw it back at your smug, sanctimonious, self-righteous ass.

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  1. Father Jizz is just a typical fuzzy-thinking liberal dick who wants to use MY money to salve HIS guilty conscience. Here’s a thought “Father.” Ask your church to start paying taxes on the property it owns. Then watch the professional do-gooders descend like flies on a carcass.

  2. I usually ignore any note that I don’t agree with, but this one Father Dennis with all my respects I disagree with you 100%
    Let’s put aside the fact that Ahmad Zahra is in trouble with the law and got exposed.
    Let’s not forget that our church teaches the importance of not to sin. Let’s not forget that Zahra represents south fullerton, and he’s getting recall because he lacks of good character and good values…..
    This is a proof of the kind of person he is……but for you Father Dennis to be defending him?? No way Father this page you referred as KKK because you don’t have any other argument?! Sorry I have to confess and disagree once again on this one just like when you got upset by Trumps way to handle the looters outside the White House and he cleared the scene with gas, because the night before the BLM Burned St. John’s the chapel and you were more upset with gas than the burning of the chapel!. I guess you can call that peaceful protest too.
    Anyways, I have to thank this page because they do tell the truth, like it or not.
    Good Job and Happy new year!

  3. For those who adore the Fullerton Observer and its devout readers, I can always expect to find in its digital pages Father Kriz and associates “ slouching towards Bethlehem . . .” W.B. Yeats, The Second Coming.
    Father Kriz needs a reason to flash his robed, moral superiority to obfuscate the obvious. Crying racist and KKK detours logic for gut response and gives permission to those not to smart people who read and believe the Fullerton Observer to instantly hate anyone who asserts Father Kriz is not an infallible kind of guy. Father Kriz is not a man of God just another sorcerer waving a cross for personal gain. And just my opinion

  4. Father Fritz Dennis, the main difference between a battery charge and an assault charge is the actual presence of harm and the threat of harm.

    Someone can only be charged with battery if they have caused real physical harm to someone, while a person can be charged with assault if the mere threat of harm is present.

    Given the facts from the police report, the DA charged Zhara with battery, meaning he hit, shoved, or attacked a woman.

    But you, Fritz, decided to attack the people who exposed this, and then accused them of being like the KKK? WTF have you been smoking?

    Perhaps you’re a woman hater too. By the way you’ve acted and approached this issue, it appears you are a woman hater.

    Lots of men go into “priesthood” because they like men, or even worse boys.

    You need help. Sick F*CK!

    1. Pretty sad, isn’t it? Nothing quite like the self-righteous partisan who willingly obfuscates a potential crime and turns the issue into an opportunity to promote HIS do-gooder hobby horse.

      Better that the padre had just kept his dumb yap shut.

      I’m surprised we haven’t heard from Hoogerbooger but maybe he’s just a little bit smarter than Kriz.

  5. Why call any church leader father I don’t know. His dialogue is appauling and the use of cursing God’s name in vain is breaking one of the ten commandments.
    It’s just unfortunate the recipient of his dialogue had to lower to the same level if “potty” talk instead of set an example of virtue and sound political ethics in his responce. We can all see the obvious without having to enhance the wrong with an equal vile retrobution

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