Fullerton to BEGIN to Make Very Difficult Decisions

I’ve been watching the votes trickle in over the previous week and a half just giddy at how much of a pounding both Measures S & U took here in Fullerton.

To the 25,215+/- of Fullerton voters who voted to ban fireworks – kick rocks. You suck. Conversely, thank you to the 37,560+/- who voted to keep fireworks, our community groups thank you and it’ll be nice to be able to launch fireworks in our front yards since it looks like we’re headed for perpetual lockdowns.

As for Measure S.

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Let us not forget Fullerton City Manager Ken Domer’s words on Measure S:

“In the event the local sales tax measure is not placed on the ballot or if it ultimately fails to gain voter approval in November, the City will continue to operate as efficiently and effectively as possible, but we will be forced to begin to make very difficult decisions regarding service levels and operations of programs in order to achieve balanced budgets over the succeeding years.”

City Hall got greedy, wasted our money to sell us on their graft and then they got slapped by 57% of voters.

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I guess it’s time for City Hall to start making very difficult decisions. You know, the job we hired & pay them handsomely for as opposed to covering for dirty cops, virtue signaling for woke points and building stairs/bridges to nowhere.

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  1. I can already hear the 2 morons Silva and Zahra blaming the electorate for everything under the sun while posing and pontificating. “But you didn’t support Measure S, so now you get nothing”.

    1. I have lived in Fullerton and supported its businesses for years. The roads are deplorable ! While other Orange County city roads are being maintained. There is something very wrong with the elected leaders these days. We need to return dignity and respect to the elected office and most importantly toward working families here and everywhere .

  2. 10% Across the board salary cuts. Start with cops and “fire fighters” (Paramedics). If they wanna go, let ’em. The replacement line is long enough and we can’t do worse than the current FPD.

  3. “… it’ll be nice to be able to launch fireworks in our front yards…” All aerial fireworks are illegal by definition. Measure U did not address the use of any illegal fireworks. Please do not “launch” any fireworks at all.

  4. I may infer that the pounding to sand Measures S and U will cause laying off superfluous city employees who build expensive bridges between City Hall and and “the community” that go nowhere and the salaries of FPD mad FFD may stabilize at $150000 a year instead of soaring to over $200000.

  5. Maybe the city of Fullerton should follow Placentia and reform the fire/EMS system. Currently, 6 people, including four overpaid firefighter paramedics, get sent to every single 911 medical call (most of which- surprise, surprise- are non emergency). Common sense is lacking in many local governments and hopefully this is the slap that Fullerton’s government needs to start making better decisions with public money.

  6. Had the city been wise, instead of spending $150,000 on S propaganda, mailers, adds, etc., they could have used that money to fix every single pot hole in the entire city. Way to go, mr. city manager.

  7. Fire everyone else and let the infrastructure crumble so that we can have raises and bigger pensions. We are hero. We deserve. You are here to serve us and make us wealthy while we kill innocent people and sexually assault high school girls and boys.

  8. A city hall insider told me the fire chief already warned the fire heroes that if Measure S didn’t pass they were going to the same plan as Placentia. Probably explains the huge chunk of cash they threw at this failed tax measure. That by itself will save this city millions upon million of dollars every year.

    1. Problem is that after Placentia set up their system, those heroes went and got their friends in the state legislature to pass a bill that makes it impossible to reform the pension system. Basically, if one group of city employees are on calpers, they all have to be. Now what are the odds that all the city employees are going to voluntarily surrender their pensions so the fire department can be reformed?

      1. Placentia’s cost savings didn’t come just from the pension issue…their biggest cost savings was separating EMS from the fire department and contracting that out to a private provider. From what I understand, Lynch’s medics are far better at EMS than the fire heroes ever will be. And they provide the service at a fraction of the cost over the fire heroes.

        More than 80% of what the fire heroes do is EMS. Take away the 80% and you have yourself a massive cost savings every year, year after year.

  9. Retail Marajuna on the agenda tommorrow. hope to see Bushala and friends ! We must stop Flory’s contribution to the delinquency of minors! Keep this out of retail locations!

    1. Needs to be limited to industrial areas only. The imposed 800 foot buffer zones around schools, youth centers and parks isn’t enough. Why isn’t there a buffer zone around residential areas? Many of the proposed retail locations have homes directly behind them.

    2. Isn’t it funny how the government has to turn to legalizing drugs to feed its own addiction to Other People’s Money.

      I wish I was still alive to laugh about it but thug Fullerton PD made sure I couldn’t.

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