OCFA Fire Station Burns Down in Rain

A fire station. Burned down. In the rain.

(Photo from OC Register)
This is one of those of stories that is so amazing as to not be believed. Orange County Fire Authority’s Station 61, in Buena Park by Knott’s Berry Farm, burned down this morning.

In these rains.

A fire station. Burned down. In the rain. Let that sink in for a few moments.

When I looked at PulsePoint it looked really, really bad because 49 separate units had been dispatched.

Somebody must have lost an iPad considering everybody got out okay and yet two Chaplain Units were dispatched.

An iPAd was lost on the scene.
While certainly a troubling thing to happen this is a great example of priorities. How many of these units, many of which were likely redundant and unnecessary, were dispatched for the sake of being dispatched.

Had this not been a Fire Station it is doubtful that this many units would have been on scene.

At least they weren’t dozing for dollars I suppose.

Just a few weeks ago there was a story in the OC Register about this station. Buena Park was planning to sink $13 Million in to fixing this 50-year-old station. Now it’s gone and they’ll have no choice but to replace it.

Prepare to see Fullerton’s Ladder Truck in and around Buena Park more often until OCFA replaces Ladder Truck 61. That $1Million+ OCFA truck, along with tons of other equipment became scrap in the fire.

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  1. For the intrigued here is a list of the units dispatched:

    AIR30, ANAB2, ANAE2, ANAE4, ANAE11, ANAI6, ANAT1, ANAT6, AST2, B1, B17, B46, B7, B8, CAR9361, Chaplain5, CHAPLIAN8, Chief, Crew1B, DIV7, DOZ1, DUTY, E13, E46, E163, E61, E62, EMS4, HAZ79, HEAVYRES6, I1, I10, I55, I6 , I9, N1, SAFE3, SAFE34, SAFE5, SAFE7, SS1, SS2, STAFF7, SUP1, T17, T34, T61, T64, & T71

  2. The author clearly doesn’t know squat about the fire service. If you look carefully at the dispatch you will find that approximately 12 pieces of apparatus were dispatched, which is a fairly typical assignment for a 2nd alarm fire. Most of the rest of the dispatch were for various command staff, inspectors, and safety officers, also not unusual for a 2nd alarm response, which still is active, and which involved fire authority property. By the way when I checked a few minutes ago there were several units still at the scene, again not unusual for a major incident. That also is one of the reasons that you see so many inspectors and command staff being dispatched, because those people generally work 8-hour shifts.
    The comments about the chaplains is simply disgusting. These are volunteers who provide important support for firefighters in stressful situations. Since the firehouse is the firefighter’s second home, many of the firefighters assigned to the station lost a number of personal effects.

    1. Since you appear to be an expert maybe you can explain how a fire station full of firefighters and fire fighting apparatus burned down in a rain storm.

      Must have been quite a spectacle.

      1. Sounds of silence and crickets chirping from the Doctor of Public Employees Professional Apologist, Mark Shapiro is actually music to my ears.
        Hearing his opinion reminds of the other organ grating monkey for public employees, Greg Diamond,.

      2. Hhhmmm let’s see its 3am and the fireman wake to a fully engulfed fire station?!? Let me think about this, the building with all of their gear inside is on fire including their truck and your asking such a dumb question. These men didn’t even have time to grab a single thing before they escaped the fire. So instead of being complete and total tools, go read an actual article about this fire before you start making stupid remarks.

        1. Ah…no fire alarms? No smoke detectors? No fire sprinklers?

          These are the same goobers that go around inspecting private business for compliance with fire codes and regs.

          Suddenly the brave men who risk their lives everyday flee into the night in their underwear wondering what the Hell happened?

          You do realize how odd that sounds right?

    2. I work for OCFA and never, repeat never, have I seen such a huge response to a relatively small second alarm fire. This wasn’t some tilt up warehouse or Knotts amusement park ride burning to the ground with people trapped.

      It appears they dispatched every surplus resource they had available from all over the county. Dozer 1? WIldfire Crew 1B? Hazmat 79? Heavy Rescue 6? And SEVEN trucks? Okay, so one of them burned up (R.I.P.) but give me a break. No part of this is normal protocol for a structure fire of any type.

      I suppose the only thing missing was Copter 1 and 2 making air rescues with a hoist.

      I’m very happy nobody was killed but let’s be honest about what this was, a complete and utter second alarm embarrassment.

    3. The Fire Station is City Property so if people lost valuable personal items I’m not particularly sympathetic. Perhaps they should leave their blankies at their actual home when they’re dozing for dollars.

      1. Really? Yeah it’s city property where these men spend 48hrs straight, away from their families so that you can sleep sound at night knowing that if your home caught fire someone would come to save you and your family. So of course they lost some personal property…my friends husband lost his personal gear and his cell phone. You know what though….the only thing they cared about was the fact that they made it out alive.

        1. Mrs. Finch you should really be doing stand-up at the Improv.

          They couldn’t stop their own “home” from burning down. By the time they got to my place it would just be smoldering ashes. Go peddle your bullshit elsewhere.

          Lost a cell phone? OH! THE HORROR! WHATEVER WILL HE DO?

          Buy a new one, haul his boat out to his second house at the River and relax. until the stress subsides.

          1. Joe, you are heartless. I think we should take some coloring books and play doh to the station to help them cope with their loss.

    1. Make sure when something happens to your home or family don’t call the “bunch of overpaid buffoons”. They don’t need to waste there time or training to help someone with your ignorance.

      1. My favorite threat from public safety. I didn’t realize that I can opt out. When do I get my money back?

      2. Jesus Christ, with all that “time and training” they couldn’t even help themselves. I’d be better off with a garden hose and a hatchet!

  3. This Station has a very incredible record. In the last fifty years of fighting fires they have not lost one foundation!

  4. This article and most of these comments are a total shame. Your just looking for something to poke a stick at, and you missed miserably. I am going to say another prayer tonight for these amazing men whom are lucky to be with us today, esp my friends husband whom was in the fully engulfed fire at station 61. Thankfully tonight he is home safe with his wife and kids. I will always be thankful for all our first responders, I know that when I need them they will be there to help me and my family. I urge you to work in the same conditions as these men/woman due on a daily basis, work 48hr shifts, be away from your family, and risk your lives, until you have done these things maybe you shouldn’t say a word.

    1. I agree a lot of these people on this site are looking to poke at something. However, that being said. Do you realize how many people are turned down that try to become firefighters? It’s a cliche.

      This goes against most people but frankly I don’t care. I’m not thankful, I pay them for this job. If they don’t do it, someone else will. Don’t get me wrong we have some that honestly want to help but the majority are there for the benefits. Same salary as a police officer who literally risk there lives every single day vs someone who fights 2 fires a year MAYBE. Suburban and Urban Firefighters are not the same thing. They do not equate. Most are overpayed EMTs, that is a fact. If I saw a burning building with people I’d go in and help. I don’t need to be a “firefighter” for that or be payed thousands and thousands. Don’t glorify something that shouldn’t be. That should be a human standard.

      1. Here, here.

        They work 48 hrs straight BECAUSE THEY CHOOSE TO. If they wanted 8 hour shifts, their union would get them eight hour shifts. They don’t because they want their time off.

        Enough with the hero worship and entitlements. It’s a job. They get paid extraordinary well and owe the public an extraordinary performance. That’s how employment works.

      2. “Same salary as a police officer who literally risk there lives every single day”

        Yeah, heart disease and diabetes are no joke.

    2. I’m sure they’d show up with 52 units and 3 chaplains from Dana Point to help lil’ ol’ me and my little dog, too.

      Get a life, lady. It’s a funny post about a fire at a fire station during a monsoon. The only person getting poked with a stick is Captain Irony.

    3. You waving a moral superior finger over those who refuse to,idolize firefighters doesn’t imply they are wrong in their observations.

  5. The news article quoted the Orange County Fire Authority’s opinion on this fire, “disturbing”. Either fires are an accident or intentionally set, but “disturbing”?

  6. I’ve heard the firemen who worked at that fire station will be taking an advanced course on how prevent fires. Everything good

  7. Why is Buena Park important when Fullerton is about to add 1000 residents at the site of an old car dealer? Where is the hit piece on the piece of shit Silva that was elected by the illegals? Oh I forgot, Tony like Sharon Quirk Silva and thinks she is a great lady. She is a devil.

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