A New Website Shines Spotlight on Scam Fullerton School Bonds

There it goes…

Usually money-ravenous school districts with their armies of six-figure educrats count on the voters in their districts to be either indifferent or stupid. At least 55% worth. That’s the level of support it takes to pass one of their jaw-droppingly expensive general obligation bonds, bonds that this March would cost the average Fullerton home owner a whopping $400 a year in new taxes.

The website is http://www.noschoolbonds.com.

Check it out. And spread the word.


39 Replies to “A New Website Shines Spotlight on Scam Fullerton School Bonds”

  1. “armies of six-figure educrats”

    My understanding is these bonds don’t pay for administration or teacher salaries. Money is fungible, but in practice, it’s not. Funds get earmarked for specific purposes.

    “cost the average Fullerton home owner a whopping $400 a year in new taxes”


    1. What a fool we are. Always willing to prop up anything that supports government and its union. We know money is fungible and then say it ain’t. We are ashamed of ourselves.

        1. Theory and practice, faker. Commas matter.

          As someone who has managed millions across multiple public and private agencies, I can confirm without a shred of doubt that you have no idea what you’re talking about.

          Cash is absolutely fungible. Lack of facility maintenance, refurbishment, and growth in California public schools is directly tied to payroll obligations, which manifest in negotiations with the union. Cash reserves held for this purpose are routinely used by union reps as evidence there’s plenty of funds for raises.

          And you know what? They get them every single time. Look no further than LAUSD.

          When this bond is approved, look for 10% pay raises over three years at the impacted districts.

          1. Not fungible. The money gets earmarked and you can’t just move money around without someone going to prison.

            You can pretend it’s truly fungible but your tortured argument shows it’s not. This isn’t money that goes to salaries.

            1. It’s not a tortured argument. You’re just an idiot who can’t admit he’s wrong.

              You don’t have all the answers, John. You don’t even have most of the answers.

              Run your mouth some more.

              1. It’s a tortured argument to nowhere that proves my point, Anonymous.

                Government spending is appropriated, approved, earmarked, tracked, traced, reviewed, audited.

                1. We love torture. We do it to anyone unlucky enough to read one of our posts. God I’m so tired of being us.

          1. You’re always there ready to post on any remark with your fake name.

            I guess you’re one of the principals of FFFF too afraid to post under your own name.

                1. Because you are. I said so.

                  You run your mouth on the internet calling people names.

                  Makes you a keyboard coward, pal.

                2. “You run your mouth on the internet calling people names.”

                  Never unless provoked, as you just did.

                  You don’t get to call anyone a “keyboard coward” and post as anonymous while I post with my name. That’s sad joke.

                3. We make sad jokes too, all the time, because our sense of humor isn’t what it used to be. Well we guess it never was, but whatever, tax us ’til it hurts.

                4. You don’t get to make the rules. You are sad joke.

                  Borrowing from Trump. “Only if provoked.” I’m a counter puncher. You go looking for fights, jackass.

                  Despite being disproved about a dozen times on this blog, you’ve never apologized once. You know why?

                  You’re a keyboard coward. You think you’re always right, run your mouth, and never hold yourself accountable for the drivel that emanates from home row.

                  Go on, run your mouth some more.

            1. I wish we weren’t so self-righteous and boring, but there you have it. Two fer one. When yo call on the Boog’ you get the whole package!

    2. Wrong again. Twice. The money is fingible and facility administrators get to charge hours against the bonds for all sorts of footling “administrative” purposes.

      Does it hurt to be so stupid?

  2. So what is the relationship between FFFF and the “new website” that we are supposed to “check out.”

    The fact that the web site looks exactly the same as this one raises obvious questions.

    1. John R.:

      The above web site “looks exactly the same as this one…”

      Which web site? I can’t see any similarities other than both have some postings and allow comments. Are we talking about the same web site?

      1. The layout, commenting system, everything same. If you right-click and review the code it starts and ends with the same boilerplate (though well beyond standard HTML boilerplate).

        I could be wrong, and it could be a coincidence. Maybe they just happen to be both using WordPress hence the similarities. Their DNS whois information doesn’t really go anywhere but Arizona, which I assume is just GoDaddy.

        But if they ARE the same people behind it, or overlap, they should disclose it, which is why I asked.

        1. Jeezus we’re ignorant. We haven’t learned about website templates ‘n stuff since we’ve been to busy on our knees before our wonderful, too few and too underpaid government functionaries. But at least we aren’t afraid to publicize our ignorance and that counts for a lot in government circles!

          I would like to promise that we will do better but that would be way over optimistic.

    2. Who cares? The bonds are shit. Expensive, unnecessary shit. That’s why you are bound to defend them with irrelevancies.

      1. “Who cares? The bonds are shit. Expensive, unnecessary shit.”

        He said, with no actual analysis whatsoever of the necessity.

        1. If they are necessary how come your pals at the school districts refused (illegally) to list specific projects. Educate yourself before you try to enlighten others. Jackass.

    1. Check out this gem: “Fullerton is suffering a housing crisis where our teachers, police officers, retail workers and many others are not able to afford housing, close to where they work, and more of our vulnerable populations are finding themselves homeless. ”

      Teachers? Bullshit.

      Police Officers? Oh, definitely bullshit.

      Retail workers? Yup, and they can thank the upcoming change to Prop 13 to pay teachers and cops even more for losing their jobs.

  3. And, while all this going on…. in other Fullerton news. A Fullerton highschool student was physically assaulted at the corner Starbucks on Chapman/ Harbor by a homeless mentally unstable woman. Read all about it on Facebook Fullerton buzz page because we all know administration at Fullerton HS is just as corrupt as our city officials and just as good as covering incidences up that parents need to be aware of to keep their students safe.

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