Six States Added to Union

The more, the merrier…

In a news bulletin issued today by County Supervisor Doug “Bud” Chaffee, six new states have been added to the The United States of America.

“In the new flag we see added representation for all of our wonderful citizens in six whole new States,” said Supervisor Chaffee from the roof of Building 10 at the Hall of Administration. All colors and creeds are now in there, somewhere.”

Meteorites, I tells ya…

“We are finally seeing Puerto Rico recognized, as is Guam, the Marshall Islands, the Philippines, the Canal Zone, Key West, and Long Island” Chaffee added. “All are welcome under my Big Umbrella.”

13 Replies to “Six States Added to Union”

  1. April Fools already? NO! The idiot posted a flag with 56 stars on it. You couldn’t make this shit up!!!

  2. Except for Bill, the Chaffee’s are losers. Bud lost 3 times running for city council. The only reason he got elected to city council was because of the recall. Then he bought a seat on the BOS. It only cost him $1,000,000. LOSER!

    Paulette’s a thief and a liar. Now she’s trying to buy a seat on the OC board of education. She already put $300,000 into this race. She will be exposed for what she is.

    1. As I keep saying…What a Dynamic group! This is what the 4th District gets:

      A senile old man who doesn’t know how many states there are in our country, let alone what day it is…his thief wife running for a political seat so she can have bought friends too, along with their do nothing staff of liberal LA-909ers collecting OC tax paid pay checks on the 5th floor.


      1. Oh come on, ol’ Bud has never seen that image. Not when it was being made by some dingbat, nor now. All of that would have entailed something resembling ‘work’, and we know he doesn’t do that.

    1. Yep, it’s practically impossible to find a web image of an American flag with 50 stars these days. I blame it on Common Core.

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