Your Tax Dollars at Waste

The City has been telling us for years that we’re poor — we need paid parking to maintain the downtown, we need a city sales tax to pay for infrastructure repair, we need higher fees to offset higher pension costs, yada yada yada.

That’s an interesting plea given the inordinate waste that is funded by the City’s General Fund.

When it comes to essential services like investigating crimes, approving building plans, or scheduling a fire inspection — we are told they are short-staffed, and the City can’t afford extra manpower — yet there’s plenty of cash for stuff like what you see below:

$600 of our tax dollars to a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization


$420 for a Fire Department party at the airport

$640 for toy lapel pins to give to children


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        1. RI, O’Malley, you fucking killed an unarmed innocent man. You POS!!!!!

          You got a full Pomona city medical retirement that everyone knows that you lied about.

          For Gods sake…fuck off into shithead space, you shat head.

          Please ban this sick fuck!

          1. LOL. I actually met that guy O’Malley at the LA County Fair last year. I asked a cop if he knew him. Turns out he was standing right down the way. I told him a real life hero on FFFF. He had no clue what it was but said tell everyone hello! He’s still working though so maybe it’s another Pomona O’Maley! One of the other guys said O’Maley is crazy with like 10 kills though lol.

            1. I heard at school that this is where grown adults cry and complain about absolutely nothing and im not disappointed lmao. You guys need to get a life losers pogchamp. Imagine wastying your time crying on the internet fucking like fucking snowflakes

  1. 1. K-9 contribution should have been made by the PD Association (same one that makes political contributions)
    2. FD party should have been paid for by FD Association (ditto above)
    3. Pins are more iffy – maybe jointly paid by City and PD Association?

    1. 4. La-Z-Boy couches… – obviously the Fire association
      5. The gay pride flag – should’ve been paid for by Ahmad Zahra for his own personal agenda…

      1. I can’t remember Zahra mentioning gay issues during the campaign, or even that he himself is gay. Am I wrong about that?

        1. Zahra was actually afraid that people would talk about him being gay during his campaign. I suppose voters would have liked to know that he was going to spend half of his energy and influence fighting for gay rights stuff when he was campaigning. Kind of dishonest and sneaky, in my opinion.

        2. You are indeed wrong about that.

          He actually had some slimeball do some pretty sick stuff as part of a campaign attack ad. Never confirmed who did it though.

          Wasn’t the centerpiece of the Zahra campaign, but it wasn’t a secret or purposely hidden.

  2. Who the hell is Patricia Arevalo and why did nobody question her donation of tax dollars?

    Tonight the power was out for a couple hours. Dozens of intersections normally protected by traffic lights were dark. That $600 could have been spent on flares to remind drivers to stop. Nobody from the police department was providing any sort of traffic control, not even at the busiest and most dangerous intersections.

    More and more I’m convinced we have a bunch of self-serving idiots working for the city. Shame on them!

    1. Many departments have stopped using flares and switched to electronic flashing beacons. Flares require constant monitoring and refreshing, and would you really want lit, unattended flares in the downtown bar area? And unmonitored beacons would be stolen.

      Due to the size of the power outage, it would be impossible to put officers at every intersection that was out, and it would deplete the resources available to respond to calls. When the power goes out, many burglar alarms activate and departments are flooded with alarm calls. The best you can do, and it is tough after public works has gone home, is deploy folding barricades with stop signs at the intersections because about 50% of the drivers ignore the law that any intersection where the traffic signals are out are considered 4-way stops. I’d rather have officers patrolling the dark neighborhoods to have visibility to discourage burglars from taking advantage of the power outage.

      There’s also the safety issue of putting people in the street at that hour directing traffic. Would you really want to be the guy having to direct traffic in the dark at Harbor and Chapman? Too many drunks at that hour and too high a risk of someone being hit by a car. The biggest problem is people not following the law regarding stopping at intersections.

      Add to all this SCE’s initial estimate that the power would be restored at 11PM, by the time you got everything out the power would be restored. SCE later changed their estimate to 1AM, which is when it came back on.

      Regarding the expenditures……

      Have no idea how the city could justify paying for the helicopter to be present at an event. Does anybody know what the event was?

      Lapel pins of a mini Chief’s badge? Uh……no. Ego stroking. But if they are handed out to children…..that could be justified from a PR standpoint. The public *wants* police to give out stickers, mini badges, playing cards, etc. You can see the disappointment in the parent and child if you don’t have one to give out when they ask. So the legitimacy of that payment depends on how the pins were used.

      The K9 donation? That helps to support a public demonstration/show to be held in Anaheim, next door to Fullerton, and the public is interested in these things and the events are fairly well attended, especially by residents of neighboring cities (like Fullerton). They are a great way to build rapport with the public. It’s justified.

      1. “Too many drunks at that hour and too high a risk of someone being hit by a car.”

        You could, oh I dunno, enforce the goddamn law and close some bars.

    1. It’s also an illegally operating event venue without a CUP, as required by law for all venues serving food, alcohol, and providing entertainment.

      I wouldn’t call the legitimate. I would call the discount they offered the city a bribe.

  3. Save a lot of money and do away with the City Manager Damer. He does nothing but hide somewhere all day.

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