Where’s Whitaker?

Heads we lose…

It seems Fullerton has a new problem. According to Councilmember Bruce Whitaker, the City Attorney lied when he publicly proclaimed last Tuesday that the City Council voted 5-0 in September to initiate legal action against Joshua Ferguson, David Curlee, FFFF, and a bunch of Does to be named later.

Here’s how it is described by the Voice of OC’s Spencer Custudio:

Meanwhile, there are questions in Fullerton about how the City Council first authorized the lawsuit against Ferguson. 

At the Nov. 5 meeting, City Attorney Dick Jones said the councilmembers voted unanimously to file the lawsuit against Ferguson and the blog. 

“In an effort to clarify any Brown Act violations, the fact that City Council on Sept. 17, 2019, met on a motion made by Mayor (Jesus) Silva and seconded Mr. (Ahmad) Zahra, on a 5-0 vote, the City Council approved the filing of a writ to seek a temporary restraining order against the main defendants,” Jones said. 

But, that unanimous vote is wrong, according to Councilman Bruce Whitaker 

“When they say I voted to approve this lawsuit, I say that’s not true,” Whitaker said.

In fact, Whitaker was the only dissenting vote when the Council majority doubled-down on the lawsuit during the Nov. 5 closed session portion of the meeting. 

I never took Truth in law school…

Somebody is lying, and if I had to guess it is our City Attorney Richard “Dick” Jones. At this point I’m now wondering if a vote took place at all back on September 17th. It would be just like Jones to try to create a September “vote” to cover his wide expanding ass, when no real vote even happened.

Silence is golden…

Still, for somebody who claims he was maligned in public by his own lawyer, Bruce Whitaker was pretty damn passive when Jones made his comment about a unanimous vote. So who’s telling the truth? Who knows? But I bet it isn’t Dick Jones, who is neck-deep in the lawsuit his own incompetence caused, and by which he is actually profiting.


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  1. They’re going to claim unanimous consent, a vote by omission, to cover for not actually having authority to do anything, mostly because closed session gets run this way routinely in violation of state law. No motion, no vote, just a smoke screen to avoid liability.

    This is a job for the District Attorney.

      1. by the look of all the allegations, id say these two are going to jail for a long time Id also say neither will work in a position where they have access to record or use of a computer. Any body who would believe that what they did was ever remotely ok. remember that the next time you get hacked or the victim of id theft.

          1. Hey dipshit so then you think what josh did was legal ? So if it ok then why don’t you take up where he left off I know because your a pussy

        1. If anyone deserves to go to jail, its members of the Fullerton PD and city management like Ramos, Wolfe and Felz. You know, for things like murder, aggravated assault and battery, extortion, molestation, DUI and other crimes they’re supposed to protect against.

  2. Jones should be writing off all billable hours on this fuck up. But he won’t.

    Please FFFF do a PRA request on this. I’ll bet we discover that he doesn’t (or pretends he doesn’t) segregate his billings by task.

  3. If you blasting Whittaker for not taking an assertive stand for you cause? When making your case..why not try showing a little more class … not the last three letters… it would be more productive in this very public areana.

    1. And what is classless about expecting a man to stand up for himself when the lie occurred (in a very public “areana?”).

      The fact is he would have said nothing to Voice of OC if it hadn’t been brought up there and on this blog.

    2. The City Council, City Attorney and City Manager don’t operate with class and integrity. Maybe you should redirect your comment to them?

    3. what fing planet are you from. Whittaker is a worthless piece of crap. Given the circumstances he should have also voted for it.

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