12 Replies to “Fullerton Resident Calls Out City’s Mammoth Cockup”

  1. The city is digging a pretty deep hole. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this event used against these bozo councilmembers during the next campaign. What a world-class, tone deaf embarrassment to all of us who live here.

  2. Most of the city council and city staff are incompetent and incapable people who couldn’t achieve any true, genuine success in their lives outside of political pandering and manipulation or the relative comfort and security of public employment where incompetence is not only accepted but embraced, promoted and propagated.

  3. The only problem I see after watching this video and listening to her speak is that she makes a logical argument. Furthermore, common sense is in short supply with the people she’s talking to. Other than that, she spoke volumes!

  4. This is how the Government & public school system works, they promote incompetence, bully & eliminate anyone who goes against their corrupt culture.
    This lady hit the nail on the head & hammered it through the board!
    Thank you for speaking on behalf of Fullerton Citizens. Many have the same thoughts as you have expressed to our inept city council.

  5. Wow, she spoke wise words.
    Good for her.
    Hopefully the city council members can learn something from this wise woman.

  6. The city realized their error.. but wondered why someone had to capitalize from the mistake. As bad as police misconduct can be there are a set of measures for due process. When these measures where circumvented naturally the law makers will fight back. If the measures do not insure good ethics then go after the system… after all the best sort of Justice results from change. Railroading over the proper procedure will end in unproductive results … best not to be too aggressive and burn the bridges down as it frustrates future possibilities to promote change.

    1. Oh, they realized their error, all right. And then they tried to divert attention from their own staff and lawyer’s incompetence by shifting blame to FFFF and Ferguson and Curlee – staunch critics of the City’s long history of opacity, boondogglery and arrogance.

      And yes, time to shut the fuck up.

      1. Hmmmmmmm . . . Accept multi million dollar liability for breaching our duty to protect confidentiality of our clients due to gross negligence or stretch cyber crime law past breaking to falsely label journalists criminals while increasing the city’s liability as court costs drag out?

        Double down it is.

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