Stuffed Animals

Two years ago, I wrote a post for this blog entitled, Woe to the Charitable Donor where I pointed out the embarrassingly poor oversight when it comes to receiving and spending donated money.  Literally nothing has changed in the time since then.

Last year, the City purchased 75 K9 Hero stuffed animals — like the one pictured above — for the tidy sum of $618.75.

Follow along below.  On the reconciliation report, that purchase is charged to the 95-2501 account.  95 is a Trust Fund, and 2501 is where K-9 donations from the community are deposited.


Again, we have an instance where well-meaning Fullerton non-profits think they’re helping to fund actual police work, actual K-9 food and equipment, actual K-9 veterinary care — when that isn’t the case at all.

A mere four days before those stuffed animals were ordered, actual K-9 veterinary expenses at Yorba Regional Animal Hospital were charged to the General Fund, account 10277-6319.  (Note: anything 10xxx is the General Fund)

Without missing a beat, two days later, they spent $700 at Work Dogs International, again using General Fund account 10277-6319.

Why did they charge the General Fund when just days before/after, they had donated K-9 money to burn on stupid stuffed animals?

My detractors will say, so what, it’s a small sum of money, who cares?  Tell that to the City employees whose jobs in the Public Works / Landscape Division are about to be eliminated.  The City just issued an RFP for Park Maintenance because the City can no longer afford their wages and pensions.  Maybe if the incompetence and sense of entitlement at the police department weren’t so bad, we would have cash to spend elsewhere.

Does the City have any policy whatsoever for proper handling of donations?  Why is this tolerated?

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  1. Thanks for writing this. I used to take pride in working for Fullerton, but not anymore. City Hall has made it clear they value police and fire employees above the rest of us.

  2. Slush meet Fund. Domer (and before him Felz) is no more qualified to run a city than he is a lemonade stand.

    Remember when Flory and Fitzpringle fought like hell against an audit oversight committee?

    1. Eight bucks for a piece of trash worth a quarter so an unreformed Culture of Corruption can propagandize itself? No, thanks.

    2. Well, gee you really went out of your way to miss the point’ didn’t you? Those stupid toys were paid for by donations meant to support K9 service, not to hand out stuffed toys. Meanwhile REAL doggie stuff is being paid for out of the General Fund.

      P.S. If a kid wants comforting I wouldn’t want an FPD cop with toys anywhere near her.

  3. So essentially they used donated money to purchase stuffed animals to sell in order to fundraise more money? That seems terrible lol

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