The Dysfunction of Downtown Fullerton

Friends for Fullerton’s Future just received a disturbing story accompanied by a photograph that seems to encapsulate the Downtown Fullerton experience:

Hey, FFFF, I wanted to send along a story about what happened to me a few weeks ago. About 2 am a friend and I were walking along the north side of Commonwealth. Across the street we could see some kind of free-for-all going on. Then the crowd ran off leaving two people lying on the ground. By the time we crossed over to see what the damage was, the Fullerton police had arrived. The two people, a guy and a woman, were bloodied and obviously beaten. One of the cops saw me observing the scene and asked if I wanted to be arrested.

Rather than provide information about what we had seen, we decided to move on. But before we left I turned around and took this picture showing the woman pleading with four cops who appeared indifferent to whatever physical abuse she had suffered.


Yes, Friend, it is sad. Our “leaders” have created, nurtured, and encouraged a culture of mayhem where sometimes it’s hard to tell the victim from the perpetrator and where the cops are seemingly anesthetized to the weekly blood bath.

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  1. Dick Jones, the recalled old council creature, did say that he was sorry for creating a monster, yes, a monster!

    Will Fullerton ever admit the fact that DTF is a shit show costing the tax payers more to police than the shit show brings in revenue? No.

    Hee Ha!

  2. it’s easy to seem indifferent to the “physical abuse” inflicted upon DTF party animals. One might almost say that in just being there there were showing a real disregard for their own safety.

    1. Yes, it would be easy to blame the victims and say they have no right to be in downtown Fullerton after 8:00 pm, wouldn’t it?

  3. Its rediculas that people want to blame the cops for everything!!! Its so sad that we have become a society that is unwilling to accept responsibility for our own actions! All of these people complaining about the cops should go be a cop and set the standard instead complaining them. Yes there are bad apples on the force but for the most part they are they are great people. Go blue!!! I would like see what the USA would look like without the cops that you love to bash so much! I’m sure you would like that much better right?

    1. “Its rediculas that people want to blame the cops for everything!!! Its so sad that we have become a society that is unwilling to accept responsibility for our own actions!”

      What’s wrong with holding a cop accountable for his or her own actions?

      The real problem is people who hyperbolize legitimate criticism of bad things done by bad cops under the guise of “you should be greatful” or “next time call a pimp not a cop when you have a problem.”

      That’s why we have a culture that provides no consequences for Sheriffs who lie on the stand to protect other cops who broke the law.

      We would ALL be better off if idiots like you jumped into the same boat as those who blame cops for everything and sailed on a one way cruise to nowhere. You’re different sides of the same coin that prevent our society from not being having the highest rate of incarceration on the entire planet.

    2. Hero worship is a big part of the war culture in America these days. It’s sheep like you that will follow con-men like Trump and Hitler in the demonization of dissidents.

  4. I live in the area and that’s just a thing with police in that area. I almost been t boned by officers using no siren, no horn. Just running the light with complete disregard for the pedestrian they’re supposed to protect

  5. The leadership in Fullerton allow this shit show to go on weekend after weekend but God forbid they’d let a pot dispensary in. Assholes

      1. It doesn’t have to be downtown.put it on the west side. They could care less about the west side. Driven down Gilbert lately?

        1. Hell no, stay away from the westside, its 3rd world enough over here without adding new crap. Drive down Brookhurst to lincoln and go that Pot dispesary, it close enough, but Anaheim’s problem.

  6. “rediculas” was watching the DUI Checkpoint last night on Harbor just before Imperial HWY. The parking lots before this area where coned off before this area but anyone could turn right on Las Palmas to avoid the checkpoint. All the police over 20 including the motorcycle police were there conversating as usual getting overtime pay from the Gaven Newsom. Reality is…One Officer could catch equal or more drunk drivers just by sitting near the bus terminal and watching as patrons stagger from the bars out to their cars.

  7. Every Police Department in California is hiring now…..Great Pay…Great Benefits..Great Retirement. Apply now and make a Difference. It’s easy…it’s fun!

    No really, go ahead and do it.

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