Silva’s Escort

Readers of this blog might think I have a hyper-obsession with toll road violations.  Not really.  It’s just that toll road violations seem to bring out the very worst and embarrassing moments in government.  Nine times out of ten, the car shouldn’t have been using the toll roads to begin with.  Such is the case here, once again.

“Rebecca Leifkes escorted Council Member Jesus Silva to various Homeless Shelters in Orange County.”

Why does Silva need an escort to visit homeless shelters?  He owns his own car, and is presumably competent enough to drive the freeways.  Council members are not entitled to mileage reimbursement, toll road reimbursements, nor do they have assigned staff persons to cater to their every need.

If the hand-written notation is as true as written (below), this speaks volumes about Jesus Silva’s ability to conduct City business on his own, without help from staff.  The hand-holding and coddling needs to stop.


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  1. That’s not an excuse for a toll road violation.

    Was the taxpayer reimbursed or did the actual violator if the law pay the fine they incurred?

    If not, that’s an illegal gift of public funds, which is a different crime all together. Paying the fees for an infraction is not a legitimate public purpose exemption.

  2. “He owns his own car, and is presumably competent enough to drive the freeways. ”

    Why would anyone presume that?

  3. Completely serious question–

    What is Silva capable of doing without the help of another adult? I watch the City Council meetings on TV and it’s a total embarrassment the way he struggles with the most basic tasks, like thinking and speaking clearly. He can’t make his own decisions without being manipulated by other council members. He is frequently confused. He is slow.

    Does he do anything well?

    1. No, he doesn’t seem to be able to grasp what is going on. So far he has been manipulated and directed by Fitzgerald and Chaffee. There are regular boohoos and then there are babbling boohoos.

    2. Maybe he told her to go ahead and say she was driving King Silva so they can cover her fees.
      I do not believe she drove him unless it was a No tell motel

  4. FFFF- I’m not super familiar with how to bring down corrupt politicians but it seems like you are. How did the City of Bell get exposed to the public and held accountable? I feel maybe if we took a page out of that playbook we might get somewhere. These crooks need to be stopped, it’s disgusting.

  5. The toll is only $2, the penalty is $57… Why wasn’t it paid on time?
    Ok he got a driver, why?
    Ok driver took toll road, whatever.
    Why was the toll not paid… Penalty is because of ineptness. Taxpayers should not be responsible for the penalty charge!

    1. Probably because you have to remember to pay it.

      If you don’t have a transponder/tag then you have to remember to go online when you get home.

      If you forget, that’s a violation.

      It’s not like getting a bill and forgetting to pay it.

        1. Yes. At 11 am he could have taken the Five with comparatively light traffic. He had probably never seen a tollroad and wanted to joyride in a City-owned car.

  6. Bullshit article and bullshit page! Let’s expend more energy on real world issues. I’m tired of this BS!

  7. The fact that this moron, who can’t form a complete sentence, is teaching children, tells you all you need to know. I haven’t been this embarrassed by the city council since Julie Sa.

  8. I emailed Se~nor Silva about road repairs last week. I sent him a couple ideas as to where they might find the money. Seems my idea- to BOYCOTT spending in this town until the roads are fixed- has become a necessity. Don’t buy anything in Fullerton if you don’t absolutely have to. No dinners, no gas, no groceries, nothing. Brea and Anaheim are close by and have everything you could ever need. Spread the word.

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