Meanwhile, Back @ The Ranch – Part 3

Mudslide and Mayer. Staying awake long enough to sign the invoice…

Fighting your own incompetent and belligerent government can be distracting. And so rather than be distracted, I’ve been playing catch-up with some more of the doings of our idiocracy since the City’s legal lizards tried to stomp on our 1st Amendment rights.

Back on October 1, our esteemed council took on the business of people camping out in their cars. Naturally, the problem needed to be institutionalized, and institutionalized it was – by giving the Illumination Foundation a contract up to $100,000 to run a site-specific car and RV park. FFFF correspondent T-REX covered the story, here.

Play it again, Ken…

With their usual political courage, the council directed that their City Manager, Ken Domer, could decide the location and thereby let a bureaucrat insulate them from the repercussions of their own decision.

Now that location is known – the alley and public parking between the historic Western marketing Building and the Elephant Packing House, a building on the National Register of Historic Places.

Maybe the less said, the better…

Well, fine, say I. This site is directly adjacent to the crown jewel of Fullerton’s Failures, the so-called Union Pacific Park, or, as it is charmingly referred to by neighbors, The Poison Park. it seems right and proper that the City deposit one failure next to another, which is already situated across Harbor Boulevard from one of Fullerton’s first Redevelopment boondoggles, the Allen Hotel eyesore.

Redevelopment Redux…

And stay tuned for episode 4, in which the Poison Park returns to the agenda, and the Fullerton City Council steps on its own weenie again.

14 Replies to “Meanwhile, Back @ The Ranch – Part 3”

    1. the new gate is more intrusive than the 2-3 vehicles that stay here at night. The campers and autos still remain lined up along the tracks despite the new safe parking zone. I suppose better advertising is needed to coax more patrons for this program.

      1. No, they’ll have to start rousting the deadbeats who have lines up along Walnut Ave. Another trackside eyesore to bring Fullerton fame and glory.

  1. None of the surrounding businesses were told about it, according to one owner who spoke at the council meeting. Oh well, he’s just a darn troublemaker! And just by coincidence, the lot was where all the campers hung out anyway, so now they’re going to institutionalize the mess, as you say.

  2. I hear Mudslide is quitting. That means he’s selling his share of the business to somebody else. FFFF has driven the bastard into retirement. It should be our job to make the shitty law firm as worthless as possible.

    1. That fat bastard collected a fraudulent pension from the city of Westminster for many years. I won’t weep for the sale of his shitty business.8

  3. It appears the safeparking zone is housing one or tow cars and a camper every night… less than before now that the gate is up and a permit is needed to stay there. If this location were planned and operated well it could be a perfect location for an citywide emergency shelter. This warehouse could house residents in the event of a disaster or homeless and take the place of the armory and serve many needs. It has the space needed for parking outdoor space and indoor shelter. This could be the triage center that Shawn Nelson proposed.

    1. Although there are some industrial businesses in that area, it’s a primarily residential neighborhood. Not in my backyard, please.

  4. I’d like to know what the per night per person cost is. I’ll bet that it will come out to be more than a suite at the Marriott.

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