Can We Finally Say Good Riddance to Dick Jones?

Marblemouth and Mayer Pulling Out?

Word has seeped out from the once hermetically sealed walls of City Hall that we may not have Richard “Dick” Jones, Esq. to kick around much longer. It would seem, if the rumors are true, that Good Ol’ Dick has had enough of screwing the taxpayers of Fullerton with his pettifogging, self-serving legal advice and is “retiring” with all of his ill-gotten spoils.

Where there’s smoke…

Well, possibly not all his spoils, because he must believe his “I Can’t Believe Its A Law Firm” will have some residual value after Mudslide oozes off.

Now I don’t know about you, Friends, but a collection of lawyers that includes Kimberly Barlow and Gregory Roosevelt Palmer doesn’t seem like it could be worth very much to me; but Jones is supposedly pitching the continued services of his collection of miscreants, so he must plan on keeping his name on the letterhead and probably receiving revenue thereby.

Let slip the dogs of law…

Will our city councilcreatures keep this gang on retainer? After the abysmal performance of Jones in the pas it’s hard to imagine anybody wanting them around, at all. Of course this is the same gaggle that has kept Jones, et al., on the clock for over twenty years – and that’s a lot of bungling and cover-ups.

9 Replies to “Can We Finally Say Good Riddance to Dick Jones?”

  1. “Will our city councilcreatures keep this gang on retainer?”

    You bet your ass they will. This is no time to start punishing incompetence.

  2. What we need is a Fullerton City Attorney elected to the job as a public servant. Something similar (except in situations where lobbyist worm their way in, think Fritzpringle) to city council. The pay would be low, pension insignificant and City Vehicle a Model T.

  3. Naaah, if he is going to retire, it will be to possible incompetent.
    Recap- the Cincinelly and Ramos cases, he lost the case on a civil court, City paid 4 Million.
    Every time that is an issue with the City, The City attorney has to advise the city manager and the police on how to handle the matter. So far, not to honest.
    Now he lost the lawsuit against the FFFF, by the historical events that I have seen, This guy is not a good attorney,
    First, he lost most of the cases on the court, Oh! not too mention the Anaheim James Case the hippy guy, he lost that one too ah! So representing the City, he doesn’t do a good job,
    Now, if his job is Representing the citizens of Fullerton, he has done nothing, but harm their citizens, covering the city employees corrupt actions against the Fullerton residents. This lead that neither the City nor the resident trust him anymore. Therefore it is time for him to retired.

  4. I remember the time they actually trotted out Mayer to perform like a monkey. He was there to explain why the killer cops blah, blah, blah.

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