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  1. Here’s a tip. They know where it was. But they’re covering up an unauthorized use of a police vehicle, just like they cover up everything else.

    1. Hmmm perhaps they were “thanking” that off duty police officer that assisted his buddy that day with Hannah off the 91 freeway that day!

    2. One thing for sure. Only a supervisor could have left with a police vehicle with no one knowing about it and only police supervisors would be capable of covering it up You guys should stay on this one I’m telling you there’s something big here that your all gonna pass up. Too strange even for fullerton

  2. I frequently see FPD motorcycles commuting to and from the I.E. on the 60.
    Do they use the FPD motorcycles for going to and from their homes ?

  3. Taken to LA for training or a meeting. Patrol cars are generally only checked out and logged for patrol shifts. When going to a class or meeting you just grab whatever unit is available and go. It’s likely they had a OC Toll Toads license plate bar transponder that only worked for OC toll roads and not a FasTrak which would work for both, but whoever was driving didn’t realize it.

    Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill. You only lose credibility.

    1. Did you read the e-mail chain? There was no documented training in Los Angeles that day. They asked the IA/PSB chick for confirmation on that.

      You’ve missed the point if you think this is solely about the toll violation.

    2. If it really is standard practice to just take a car without properly checking the vehicle in/out, that’s really fucking stupid.

      1. Right If it was just training then why all the denial. I stand firm in the thought that something big here.

    3. That’s ridiculous. You cant just take a cop car and rip around town without any accountability. That in itself is bad business practice. More cover up. Cancer from within.

    4. Except that the cops couldn’t explain the car’s presence in LA – no record. Hmm. Or a cover-up?

      If you are willing to cover-up a small f-up just think what you would do to cover up a big one. Like a drunken City Manager who ran over a tree. Sorry Cops’ Balls. This mountain is made up of a lot of molehills, large and small.

    5. So then why no record of anyone being there. Do you know what A Brady violation is Ask the department pio he knows. I believe he has first hand knowledge on this one

    1. Perhaps you should read the post again. Nobody in the FPD seems to have any record of any business in East LA. Picking up a prisoner seems to be something that would be documented somewhere.

        1. Well you offended my sheltered logical mind. Off you go now, Porky. You’re late for the GED make-up quiz.

            1. Try to pass the test this time, Bacon Boy. We need more cops. At least that’s what the union keeps telling us.

              1. Fred I’m sorry I couldn’t respond until this morning. I had to sleep in preparation for work. Based on the time of your post it appears that is probably not the case on your end. Either way thank you for keeping me in your thoughts.

            1. Guess- I will just go to work and hangout and get paid for doing nothing today. Your attitude makes me not want to work…. and I still get a great paycheck!!!

              1. No, YOUR attitude makes you not want to work and still get a great paycheck. It’s called “public safety.”

                1. Thanks for the retirement Fred. Sit on the couch and keep trolling!!! Either way I am getting paid unlike you! Now if only I can try and get a pay raise!!

  4. If they use City vehicles to commute to and from work
    I sure hope they are claiming that benefit when they file their taxes as it is taxable income

    1. If the IRS clamped down on this abuse by their fellow gummint employees the national debt would go away.

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