All’s Swell At OC Animal Care

A few days ago we shared a story from one of our Friends about the futility and general dopiness of the house cat rabies protocol at the County’s animal police department. The gist was that if you get bit by your cat a medical facility will report you to the good folks at OC Animal Care, an agency that seems more dedicated to avoiding embarrassment than caring for our four-footed friends.

We noted with some amusement that the department admits that there hasn’t been a case of a cat contracting rabies in OC for 62 years.

One of our commenters, Joel, noted that there is a “Rabies Control Desk.” I didn’t believe it so a made a public records request just to see. Sure enough, there is a desk!

The job stress was starting to show…

Who knew?

6 Replies to “All’s Swell At OC Animal Care”

      1. No, if he were Suzy Chapstick he’d have stolen campaign signs stacked up behind him.

  1. When Old Yeller died, I was so sad. We have to prevent rabies at any cost. If we save just one stray cat, it’s worth it.

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