More for Less in Public Works

It looks like Fullerton is again in the business of paying more for less when it comes to hiring bureaucrats to bureaucrat. One of our newest hires, Mary “Meg” McWade, who is set to replace Don Hoppe is going to be paid $195,000 + bennies. This despite some questions about qualifications.

Being that the Director of Public Works is also the City of Fullerton’s “Civil Engineer” it is preferred that our Director be, well, a certified engineer.

If you look at the qualifications for this Director position you’ll find:

I suppose emphasis on preferred.

I checked McWade’s Linked in and saw no evidence of such qualifications:

AND if you look up engineering licenses by name you’ll come up with a big ‘ole Goose Egg when looking for our new McWade.

Now we know that now retired Don Hoppe was paid, in 2017 (the most recent year with data available), $170,000 and he was a certified engineer.

That means the city’s valuable of McWade is $25K+ more than Don and Don was paid $1 over the Salary Control Point for his position.

Thus we paid Hoppe less to be more qualified and to do more. Any time the Engineering Stamp needs to come out our Ms. McWade will have to have a minion wield it for her or we’ll have to pay somebody else to do what Don was already able to do owing to his certification.

Maybe you could argue that Don should have left or demanded more pay for his qualifications and that employees need to be more assertive but if we’re going to pay somebody new to Fullerton well above the Salary Control Point there should be qualifications to justify that pay and we just don’t see it here.

I guess it’s good for bureaucrats that they work in a distorted market and that qualifications are “preferred” and not required. Good for bureaucrats, but not for those of us paying their way.

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  1. Didn’t she just come from our friend OMaleys home? Did OMaley Fire her? Lol now Fullerton is hiring OMaleys leftovers? Is Omaley next? LOL 🙂

  2. She is/was the Public Works Director in Pomona, not Utilties Manager. She hasn’t updated her LinkenIn profile:

    The City of Fullerton has selected Meg McWade as the new Director of Public Works. McWade, the current Public Works Director for the City of Pomona, is slated to begin employment on February 4, 2019. McWade has over 27 year of public service experience in local government and has been with the City of Pomona since 1994. Prior to her current role as Pomona’s Public Works Director, McWade previously served as the Deputy Public Works Director
    from 2014 to 2016, Utility Services Manager from 2007 – 2014, Business Services Manager from 2003 – 2007, Budget Officer from 2000 -2003 and other various positions within the City of Pomona.

      1. No one has ever been qualified for a government job in your mind. So her education matter. You are an angry person who is jealous of cops and other city and government employees. Keyboard hater. Lol life must suck for you. Get help. Liberals are dying daily due to stress of life.

        1. No one has to be qualified for a government job. Like being a cop, Any idiot can get a badge and a gun. Yes we can thank liberals for that. You should too.

          1. This is incorrect. In some cities you can be disqualified from being a cop for having an IQ that is too high.

            O’Malley never had that problem though.

            1. Omaley just got hired by Fullerton PD. He’s going to be the internet and social media manager. To fuck with Josh and Bushala.

                1. No doubt. He’s rich and miserable. His life got terrible when he tried to buy Fullerton with Kelly’s blood. Epic fail. He’s been a has been ever since. He made a comeback recently with his mullet on TV but he’s back with his roosters now smoking weed again in his backyard. Yawn.

                2. Realituy Is

                  Drunk already? it’s only 4:30! FPD material for sure! Ask Germ Popov to comp you like did Ramos and Wolfie.

                3. No doubt. He’s rich and miserable.

                  I know Tony. He’s rich and very happy. He’s also a TV star! Whereas you are not happy or rich. Just lonely.

            2. O’Malley has a high IQ – for a cop. About 90 or 95, I’d say. But he has had to deal with all the even dumber cops and unfortunately that’s where he got the impression he was really smarter than an average person.

              So he trolls blogs as a sorry pastime. The worst part is he’s just smart enough to know life has passed him up.

              1. Imagine him now! Being hired by Fiullerton to blog all day everyday. We ain’t seen nothing yet! This is his specialty.

                1. True. I would say 50 range at best. Dodger money inheritance required no smarts.

        2. Hey Mr Reality, since you seem to have an answer for everything, can you tell me what’s new with the criminal investigation of the two maintenance supervisors that got caught embezzling from the city recently. Oops weren’t we suppose to know about that. But it’s nice to know we hired another highly paid mouse to watch the cheese

          1. Oh yeah and don’t forget about what’s her name at city council that embezzled thousands of city dollars. I’m sorry I guess I wasn’t suppose to know about that one either.

              1. Sorry but your wrong on the city hall embezzler. She got it swept under the rug. Maybe you should ask the council at next meeting. Do it. I want to see the oh shit look on all their faces

                1. Ask them what? Vague notions on vaguer accusations? They can’t come to grips with provable crimes presented right to their faces. Give me the pertinent details and I’ll ask them if it checks out.

                2. Nope wrong again She was the tall blond lady that worked in the managers office. Seems she had a city expense account she got a bit wild with. Is that enough and or do you also want the part we’re disney dan use to follow around city employees on his own time as a pi for city hall. Or that not even half the alcohol sales by down town business are report and don’t even come close to matching what they buy and city hall has known it for years. This site should be “stupid Fullerton with no future”

                3. Go ahead and ask council on any one of these but don’t be surprised when they abruptly shut you down and ushered out of the room surrounded in men in blue

  3. Nobody will touch Fullerton without a big salary increase.

    Look at the police chief. Made more than his predecessor. And Domer the new clown in charge was a footling hack who makes more than Felz. Fullerton is a fucking mess. The only thing missing is a former council geriatric retread. Drinks on the house!!!

    Hopefully Ahmad will say no. Whitaker is probably too lazy to care

      1. Whitaker too busy smoking marijuana and posting photos of his wife in lingerie on public sites. Oh yeah Bruce we know about those.

  4. Yes, but Hoppe couldn’t build a bird house. Look at the mess he made of projects in Fullerton. The elevator project at the station is still months away – two years after the start.

    Who cares if the new director has never been on a construction site? Not our council, that’s for sure. It probably doesn’t even matter.

    1. I think you should all shut off your computers get in your car and drive by the residence of every city council member then at the next council meeting ask them how they all mysteriously got new water mains and their streets repaved when everywhere else in the city is falling apart.

      1. Go ahead check for yourself. They think we’re all stupid and maybe we are for letting them get away with all this shit

        1. And for the ass monkeys out there that think or would say “it’s like that everywhere” I got news for you dumb ass, it’s not !

    2. For your information, Ms. McWade holds a Master’s in Business Administration, and has been to hundreds of construction sites. She has a THOROUGH knowledge of construction and engineering. And I know that because she has been my next door neighbor for 13 years. My husband worked for CalTrans and he often went to her for advice on projects. You people need to do your research and stop your whining on the internet. Why don’t YOU go serve the city?????

      1. Cal Trans? That bastion of wasted government workers that spent millions putting plastic poppy pictures on the freeway walls. Yeah that’s a great reference…

      2. The guy who empties the port-a-potties has been to hundreds of construction sites, too. Let’s give him a $200,000 a year job – more than his predecessor who was at least a professional engineer.

      3. Ooohhh… so she holds a Master’s in Bureaucracy. Sweet.

        Wake me up when you can justify her salary in the context of what accountability and oversight we taxpayers get should a building fall down on her watch. Oh. Nothing. Also, it’s not “Service” if you’re making 6-figures at taxpayer expense with no real accountability, that’s just called graft.

        1. Josh. You look like an idiot riding your so called building fell down theory. Have you see what fell down? LOL. It’s still there as it was when she repaired it. The fact the council spent $300k to save it with poles is

        1. Hoppe was a professional engineer and dodged the buck very effectively: wood stairs, elevator addition, Laguna Lake draining. The cost to the public is in the millions. And nobody on the council asked for accountability.

  5. So Domer can’t even find some dude with a PE stamp to be in charge of PW? That’s really just PATHETIC.

    1. When are some of you gonna grow a set and actually ask some of these questions at a council meeting. A few have tried individually and mercifully stomped on for it. As long as your divided the city has you beat and they know it. And, let’s face it, that’s what really pisses off all you little spineless fucks

      1. Because speaking to the council a complete waste of time. They don’t care. At least complaining on the internet is mildly therapeutic.

  6. I heard Meg came here just so that Fullerton would have to pay for her retirement. She heard Fullerton loves government employees and loves to give them raises.

  7. this establishment @ 611 S Harbor is no longer a car lot but a recreational drug dispensiary surrounded by a residential nieghborhood. The traffic in and out of here goes till 2AM . very disturbing watching the drug addicts pull in and out of this establishment at all hours. Fullerton can do better.

    1. If you’re looking for weed teetotalers you’ve come to the wrong blog.

      Fullerton refuses to zone any area for the legal sale of weed and thus those businesses setup whenever they can find a rentable spot. It’s the market at work.

      Fullerton can’t do better because prohibition never works and while it’s fine by our council to slam 40 bars into downtown they scoff and clutch their pearls (Whitaker notwithstanding) at the idea of adults buying a naughty plant even in an industrial area.

      The city should zone an area for this legal business type or get used to whack-a-mole until the city gets sued.

      1. This right here Josh. 1000% agree, and I’ve been led to believe recently the city of Fullerton will be revisiting their hardline prohibition into cannabis, its manufacturing, testing, wholesale and resale sales. The fact they’ll roll out the red carpet for another bar is sickening, all the while demonizing a plant that can bring the city much needed tax revenue. Why would Fullerton want any of its residents driving to Santa Ana or Costa Mesa to get their medicine? Grow it, test it, sell it all right here in Fullerton. Keep ALL the tax money from said activity, fix some roads, save some for a rainy day…

        And I guarantee this… no person who uses cannabis is walking around downtown Fullerton urinating, vomiting or defecating on sidewalks or buildings, let alone scratching those big plate glass windows after the bars close at 2 am.

  8. Since when does PE = Ability to Manage a Department?

    That’s like asking the president of Home Depot to have a forklift certification… They have actual engineers in charge of the projects and Fullerton doesn’t pay anyone to have a PE or cert as far as I’m aware, plus the PW Director literally just assumes the responsibility by signing. *ANYONE WITH A PE CAN*. Do you really think Hoppe read all the plans he signed?

    You’re delusional.

    Here is an idea, how about you give her a chance instead of just crying. For all you know, she may be the best thing to happen to Fullerton.

    1. Giver a chance? At $190,000 a year we’re just gambling? That’s lame. A PE doesn’t guarantee competence but how can the director have no qualified training in basics of what her department does. Lame squared.

      The best thing to happen to Fullerton was when Felz got shit-faced and drove over a tree.

      1. What makes you think she didn’t get all the qualified on the job experience, training, and technical know-how she needs for this job from her previous 20-plus years of work history and as the director of a large public works department in a large city? She can probably do the Fullerton gig with one arm tied behind her back. For Chrissakes, she hasn’t even set foot in her office yet and already there’s this collective meltdown happening in Malcontentville. You guys whine more than 6th grade girls. Unclench your sphincters and give the lady a chance to at least walk in the door before you start agitating for another public crucifixion.

        1. LOL. These clowns hate cops and hate city employees. Period. They will cry about anything. They are liberals. Liberals cry when the wind blows or someone farts.

        2. That’s not how this game works.

          If the city is paying her a premium wage, above the last person, then they should justify it. You’re asking people to trust a government that can’t pave roads here for context. So no, I won’t just “give the lady a chance”.

        3. You’re right. What difference does it make? She will fuck up just as bad as Hoppe did and nobody will care. No need for degrees or professional engineering experience when you can get a Grade A paper-pusher who will NEVER be held accountable for anything.

    2. “That’s like asking the president of Home Depot to have a forklift certification…”

      That’s the stupidest thing I’ve read in a long time. Thanks.

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