Fitzgerald Wants Fullerton to Suffer More

Good News Friends!

The paid lobbyist leach that is Jennifer Fitzgerald is officially running for Fullerton City Council again in 2020.

Do you love having a council member who is bought and sold more than a penny stock in a bull market? Here’s your chance to own a stake just like all of the downtown bars.

Prepare for sad face Fitzy as she complains about Sacramento and blames everybody but herself and her own voting record for why we’re broke with crap roads.

Unaccountable police perving on your daughters in the High Schools? Don’t fret, she’ll promise them raises and higher pensions as long as we get no accountability in return.

Fullerton may run out of property to sell to pay for her cronyism and mismanagement, but she’ll never run out of integrity to sell for a few votes and to feather her own nest.

So get ready for Fitzgerald 2020 where she’ll be towing child actor and chronic crony cuck Chris Gaarder along in the VP spot the same as she tried to do with Larry Bennett in 2016.

Could Fullerton do better? Obviously. But the real question is do we deserve better?

10 Replies to “Fitzgerald Wants Fullerton to Suffer More”

  1. She has to run. She needs the insurance and the benefits. Plus she is absolutely useless to Pringle without being able to lurk around the perimeter of local government looking for developers to shake down.

  2. She’s got an endorsement: “Jennifer has demonstrated strong leadership over the past eight years as a Fullerton City Council Member and has a continued commitment to the betterment of our community,” said Gary Graves, Fullerton resident.

    Who’s that, her campaign manager? Hahaha!

    Sure enough, she’s promising better roads and more killer corrupt cops on the street.

  3. I wonder what Jennifer’s beta male husband, Sean, has to say about her running again. Everybody knows she wears the pants in that household.

    1. She’s in D1 and those folks need to wake up and reject her. I suspect her lackey (stooge) that she’ll support will be in D2.

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