Fullerton School Board Ignored Issue of Campus Police Pervert

Paez Barista

For those of you paying attention to the story of Perv Cop Paez, I’ll direct your attention to some correspondence with the Fullerton Joint Union High School Board of Trustees from back in December 2018 when rumors of this story first came to light.

This is an email a friend of ours sent to each member of the school board:

FUHSD re Paez


I just heard a rumor that a school officer working with Fullerton police, officer Paez, had naked photos of at least one student on his phone. If the student is underage I understand a name not being released but how many victims are there and do I need to be worried about my children?

Should parents be concerned about their child being victimized?

Is this true and if so is the school district covering this up?

I would hope that you learned something about honesty after Lindgren molested students at Nicholas. Please let me know if these allegations have merit and that Fullerton isn’t in the habit of covering up sexual predators.


Concerned Parent

Only one member even bothered to respond and that was the following paltry message:

Thank you for the information, I will bring this up with our Superintendent tonight. 


Andy Montoya

So there you have it folks. A Fullerton Police Officer, in his capacity of School Resource Officer, was allowed to roam campus unchecked, film up the skirts of teachers and students, delete his own Body Camera videos with no oversight and allegedly store child pornography on his (department issued?) phone and you the public get to know nothing.

The Fullerton High School Board of Trustees won’t even bother to respond to you if you’re concerned about such things as predatory officers abusing their power to peep on your daughters.

To this day the school board has remained mum, the police chief put out a press release extolling his own virtues and you can bet our useless council will pat the department on the back for the bare minimum that was accomplished here.

How many students were victims of Fullerton PD while on campus? How many have a #PaezMeToo story to tell? Are your kids safe from predators while on campus? You don’t have a right to know according to the Fullerton Joint Union High School Board and Fullerton Police Department.

FUHSD School Board

28 Replies to “Fullerton School Board Ignored Issue of Campus Police Pervert”

  1. Andy Montoya is a union goon who’s happy to overlook sexual assault against a minor to protect his union brotherhood.

      1. My daughter attends this school and only found out of this because of media being out there and reporting. I asked to speak to whom ever was In charge in administration at FHS who can answer questions in regards safety of my daughter and other students and I was given bs replies and the person I spoke with said WE DONT EVEN KNOW IF IT WAS ONE OF OUR STUDENTS AND WE JUST FOUND OUT WE KNEW NOTHING !!

      1. Yes but he can do something now, right? Like apologize for the district? Let’s see Mr. Lawyer Dentist respond to the issue.

    1. Why?

      She’ll just say she’ll never take a paycheck, take a paycheck, then pretend she never said anything.

      Liars gonna lie.

      1. Hey watch it buddy, you’re talking about a BIOLA graduate there. You don’t go to a fifth rate Bible college to learn how to lie.

  2. It’s complete crickets from the school board, school district, Superintendent, and FHS administration. They’re all probably still talking how their going to get themselves out of this one. Lack of transparency, hiding, and covering up, and not giving victims/potential victims a voice….. this is just the tip of the iceberg of what’s to come once more students find their voice, come forward, and want answers and accountability from so called leadership. Remember everyone the Fullerton community ONLYS know about this because FFFF exposed the TRUTH.

    1. Id agree. why not bring it up to that one councilman member I’m not too sure I think he meets every Saturday on Orangethorpe and Euclid I forget his name but he says not to do any social media on the city or city issues and to bring the issues to him maybe we should do that can someone follow up on a councilman hi who has meetings I think it’s every Thursday every third Thursday something that I rather off of Orangethorpe and a norm somewhere sorry I don’t have all the appropriate information but I second that I think it should be brought up a while many other situations that are being covered up quickly . As research has in recent Studies have shown that it takes years and there is a new statue on time limits that the victims will later discover through therapy Advocate see and other ways of revealing their own truce of feeling a victim and not justifying it psychologically or socially just giving it up to culture and blame. Sooner or later it is revealed but I doubt their voices are going to be heard anytime soon it takes a lot of therapy it make a difference especially when it comes to something so Extreme as a agency the criminal justice system Example Fullerton PD. If you wanted to take the authority to bring it to Justice you make an administrative complaint the minute they deny you from the Fullerton Police Department it goes straight to court and then you can be heard that is just one way to bring them to justice store to be heard otherwise it’s TV media and you don’t use North County’s OC voice to get this across another ways to start a petition to bring it to a public meeting and petition for him to resign or step down or at least have some type of sanction or at least apologize to community for such lies everybody tells lies everyone to Liar but not everyone to see I guess that’s the difference between criminals and departments like Fullerton PD they can lie well recently they stoled to they can just rip you off and tell you that they didn’t do it I can validate the facts of that on top of other witnesses that are willing to step forward there’s a lot of BS out there and Fullerton PD is just Fullerton PD a bunch of rookie cops being trained and not trained well no but sooner or later they will be schooled and it has to have a community voice to be able to step forward and not movement Community where are you where are you now step forward start talking if you see something say something you see it say something just keep on talking about it and you will be heard the laugh at you then ignore you the laugh at you and ignore you and then you win that’s how it happened when it comes to any type of victimization people laugh then ignore but you keep at it and that’s how you win flyer it put it across the city on flyer sexual predator do whatever you can to bring down someone like Fullerton PD but you have to take a step forward takes just a couple people to make a movement happen and it can be silent and at the same time we said so loud that something changes nothing changes nothing changes step forward and make a change

  3. So sad. Had hoped that Andy Montoya, a junior high teacher that feeds into the high school where the majority of the complaints are from, would do a better job of protecting his former students!

  4. Not the first time Fullerton HS school board, School district, and FHS administration has hidden, covered up, and kept parents in the dark. Somebody should launch a investigation into a out of control on campus drug problem FHS had. Major complaints from parents and students that went ignored, dismissed, swept under the rug . To the point administration had no idea what to do. So many students put at danger and at risk. And, across the board leadership was silent. Disgusting, vile, and criminal . And, just another example , how parents and students tried to voice complaints, concerns, and were dismissed. Majority of parents were kept in the dark when all parents should have been immediately informed. What’s going on currently though takes the cake. FPD shouldn’t be the only ones held accountable…. the school board, school district, superintendent, and FHS administrators should ALL be held accountable!

  5. Andy Montoya is a coward who is afraid to take the necessary action



  6. In all fairness, Klatzker and Jeng did not get the e-mail, although they certainly should have been apprised of the situation by staff or their colleagues.

  7. Cant always blam it on addiction. What came first.? The bad relationships or drugs. Integrety is taking responsibility for the action that is done no matter what consequences it might bring. Own up to the part. A responsible person shows ownership to the problem not just gets credit for the solution

  8. Dishonorable pig! This d–khead had the opportunity to positively influence lives as a decent human being, but instead ruined the lives of others because Paez (of shit) is an insecure little boy. I hope his banned from any kind of public service. WTF happened to honorable men???

  9. I have mental health case mote that i want a public veiwing in order to get a better sight to what my insight is about. #coc
    #housing #speakthetruthnomaterhowmuchyouvoiceshakes

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