Costs of Transparency

So Fullerton has decided to publish the weekly records request log. Okay, it’s a public document so I don’t care about that and I’ve never been shy about my involvement in local politics.

But this newest document is just horseshit and screw the city bureaucrats for their disingenuous blame shifting.

Why the rage? Read the line items.

Weekly PRR Log

Staff / Attorney Time?!

Attorney Cost?!

If the city didn’t hide everything and lie about what is released into the public domain there wouldn’t be a need for much “staff time” and/or “attorney cost”.

I’ll prove my point.

Here’s a line of from the current log:

Weekly Log - Joshua

This request, for what should be public data, allegedly cost the city just shy of $100.

Here’s what was returned:

19-101 PRR

There. Are. No. Available. Records.

None. Nothing was returned. So the city called the attorney to go over what exactly?

This request was related to an accident where Parks employees wrecked a city vehicle. Since the date of that incident the city has buried the details without so much as saying a single word to the ratepayers who owned that vehicle. Not one word. Not one answer. No acknowledgement and no pretense of accountability.

So not only was the city not transparent to the people, which is the norm for these nitwits, they paid the attorney to double down and hide everything while returning zero records and admitting nothing.

This is just a line item to shame and blame the people who put in requests by pointing out the costs of transparency.

If the city is going to lie, obstruct, hide information and then try and shame us with bullshit costs I say bring it on. Let’s do this. I’m going to try and get the high score now. Who’s up to the challenge?

19 Replies to “Costs of Transparency”

  1. Haha. They also counted the time it took to enter the information in their stoopid log which probably accounted for half their “effort.”

    I smell the stink of FitzFlory all over this. Fortunately Whitaker will stand up and be counted to share his outrage at council comments time. oops.

    1. It’s truly shocking the level of waste and corruption in the city. The citizens need to unite and take back our city..

    2. “Fortunately Whitaker will stand up and be counted to share his outrage at council comments time.”

      Good one.

  2. Can a “public records request” include a a copy of the City Attorney’s contract (including pay rates for all C/A staff)? In another life (and city), I reviewed C/A bills before authorizing payment. Would Lucinda freak out if you requested copies of C/A bills every month? If an item dealt with litigation, it would need to be redacted, of course.

  3. Arguably, this request stated “information released to the public about the incident.” If nothing was released to the to public, then then maybe they’re saying they have no response based on the wording. Otherwise, maybe the City Council will know about it if someone asks them at the next meeting.

    1. It’s something of an art form. You have to be general enough to catch what you want in the net, but specific enough that they don’t blow you off for an unreasonable request.

      This means that you must already have a pretty good idea about what you want.

  4. Hi Josh
    Try asking for specific information regarding the incident. Ask for a copy of the police log for the day involved. Ask of a digital copy of the recorded call for service from the reporting party. Ask for dispatch records of the accident. Interview the other party directly if you can identify them and they are willing to assist. Ask for records of any litigation filed on behalf of persons involved in this collision.

  5. Joshua, did you really ask for information released to the public? If so, why? Obviously nothing was released. If not, they lied to you. There are bound to be police reports, insurance claims records, hospital reports, ans claims made by somebody else.

  6. You should check out the Open Town Hall forum the city just put up… Interestingly, every single gripe I’ve ever seen is included in the 50 item list of priorities – the idea is that anyone can submit a Mission Statement, Vision, and itemize priorities for the new fiscal year in whatever order they see fit. I believe I placed Transparency at No. 1, followed by No. 2 Homelessness… Street paving and potholes are around No. 13-14. When its all done, the hundreds of responses will be tabulated and (theoretically) become the agenda for the next cycle…

    1. “When its all done, the hundreds of responses will be tabulated and (theoretically) become the agenda for the next cycle… ”

      Of course they won’t.

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