Local Boy Gets Name in Paper

The son.

And not in a way you want it to appear.

In an article yesterday, the OC Register lit up Deputy DA Mike Flory for six instances of courtroom misbehavin’ between 2001 and 2005 – more than any other prosecutor in the entire state o’ Californy.

Flory? Why does that name sound familiar? Maybe because this guy is the offspring of former Fullerton Councilmember, Jan Flory.

A study emanating from Santa Clara Law School tracked 707 cases in which Courts of Appeal cited misconduct; then they laboriously tracked down the names.

Apparently the 4th District Court of Appeals in Santa Ana has not been happy with Mr. Flory’s behavior, including his apparent dislike of artists, philosophers, and “Hispanics.”

What has been going on since 2005 is anybody’s guess. We do know that Flory tried to get himself elected judge a couple years ago with disastrous results. As the article acidly notes:

Flory once aspired to be a Superior Court judge, but received criticism during his 2008 run for a judicial seat. Presidents of both the Orange County deputy sheriff’s union and the Los Angeles County Professional Peace Officers Association accused Flory of lying in an attempt to secure their endorsement. The Orange County Bar Association rated Flory as “not qualified” to be a judge.


And to cap it off the Assistant DA. Bill Feccia (which I am told is Italian for bullshit) claims the study is somehow biased. Well, let’s have Bill’s own words take us home:

“Mistakes are sometimes made in the heat of battle, and sometimes tempers get frayed,” he added. “But this is the finest class of people you’ll find anywhere.”

10 Replies to “Local Boy Gets Name in Paper”

  1. “complete disrespect for the court’s authority, repeated threats to disobey a court order, and subsequent violation of that order, offend our sense of the court’s inherent dignity

    The court’s inherent dignity? Please.

    I’m all for cleaning up prosecutorial misconduct, but let’s not pretened that there’s anything dignified about the modern court system or its participants.

  2. Well, the abstract concept of justice certainly carries a certain amount of dignity.

    In practice the noble idea gets besmirched. And Mr. Flory seems to be doing his part in the besmirchment.

  3. He appears to be an opportunist. Has used the DA’s office to promote himself and ran for Judge. Leads to the question, what is going on at the DA’s Office and why is such a lawyer tolerated?

  4. Well, I have to say I always knew that kid would turn out no good.

    He was a rotten kid and always kicked me around pretty good, but I figured like mother like son.

  5. Interesting biography – wonder if the twin brother (Public Defender) takes on police-related cases; all of the family seem to suckle at the public teat

    Biographical Statement of Judicial Candidate Mike Flory

    Mike Flory is a career criminal prosecutor, as well as a dedicated husband and father. Mike grew up in Fullerton with his mother, father and twin brother. Mike’s mother, Jan Flory, was the mayor of Fullerton and served on the City Council for several years. Jan is also a well respected family law attorney. Mike’s father, Bill Flory, is in the real estate industry and has been the president of the local Building Industry Association. Mike’s twin brother, Rob, is currently an Orange County Public Defender. Mikes wife Mindy, also used to work for the County of Orange. They now have a three year old son, Dustin. Mike attended Fullerton High School, Fullerton College and Graduated from California State University Fullerton. After college Mike attended law school at Western State University, Fullerton, where he graduated Cum Laude. Mike put himself through college and law school by working as a bus boy, waiter, bartender and real estate sales agent. However, Mike’s dedication and strong work ethic should come as no surprise, at eight years old he delivered papers for the Fullerton News Tribune. After law school, Mike began a private law practice, until he was hired by the Ventura County District Attorney’s office. During this time, Mike had over thirty jury trials. Additionally, Mike taught at the Ventura County Sheriff’s department teaching new deputies how to testify in court and how to prepare police reports. In 1997, Mike was hired by the Orange County District Attorney’s office. To date, Mike has tried seventy-four jury trials and numerous court trials, with an impressive 90% conviction rate. During Mike’s tenure with the office, he has had various assignments ranging from felony filing to major narcotics prosecutions. While in the major narcotics unit, Mike received the prestigious Orange County Narcotics Officers’ Association Prosecutor of the Year. More importantly, Mike is always available to any member of law enforcement, whether it is city, county, state or federal. Mike will bring years of experience, knowledge and insight to the bench, which will make him a tough but fair judge who will follow the law.

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