Yes, two stadiums are too many

Regular readers know we have already covered the the proposed Fullerton College stadium in detail (see here, here and here). In a nutshell, the NOCCD Board of Trustees want to turn Sherbeck Field into a 4500 seat football stadium so the Hornets can play football in their own stadium instead of their current location, or the Fullerton High School stadium located less than three tenths of a mile away.

The horror.

The residents around Princeton Circle have been fighting this boondoggle for awhile and appear to be getting organized. They have website,,  and are passing out campaign signs, to spread the word that the Sherbeck Field proposal is a costly and unnecessary boondoggle and should be scrapped.

Admittedly, they don’t hammer on my biggest objection to the stadium – the fact that the funds to build it only exist because the voters passed Measure J in 2014, based on the (since reneged) promise to improve the Veterans Centers on campus, but perhaps their approach will be more effective long term. Either way, this is a good sign that the Trustees have a  well deserved fight on their hands.

Regardless of where you live, the conduct by the NOCCCD Trustees is a slap on the face for every taxpayer who believes in fiscal accountability and responsibility, or who believes politicians should keep their campaign promises. If you want to help the effort to force some accountability by the NOCCCD, be sure to pay the folks a visit.

7 Replies to “Yes, two stadiums are too many”

  1. It’s for the children. No, wait. It’s for the vets.

    Aw, Hell. Let’s face it: It’s for the educrats.

  2. The stadium that’s there host a lot of games from surrounding schools.perhaps a new stadium would help ease the demand on one field. If fullerton needs to replace thier stsdium in the future the would be a backup field. A new stadium might be more modern with actual seats instead of the concrete slabs

    1. Fullerton High School’s stadium was renovated less than a year ago, so the age of the stadium is not an issue. Also, college teams play football on Saturday, where high school teams play on Friday, so that isn’t an issue either.

      1. Not only that but it’s a Community College. Why do they need a brand new stadium for a bunch of two-year transfer students? It’s just a temp school!

        And ask the neighbors around the FHS stadium just how much fun and quiet Friday nights are in the fall….go ahead and ask them. They’ll tell you being at St Jude ER down the street is more fun.

        Obviously “Streets of Fullerton” doesn’t live anywhere near it or pay property taxes. So quit talking.

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