The Sherbeck Stadium Swindle

Fullerton College is going to ruin the nearby neighborhoods when they build the boondoggle that will be Sherbeck Stadium and they are going to use the fact that you residents didn’t yell at them as the very reason for building an unnecessary Stadium when there is already a High School stadium literally within walking distance of the College in a town with another already under-utilized stadium at C.S.U.F..

If you don’t want Fullerton College to go ahead with their plans you need to write a letter to them to tell them why you’re against it. You have until tomorrow, 03 December 2016, to get your letter postmarked & in the mail or they will ignore you and you’ll have nobody to blame but yourself for sitting out on this issue.

I don’t even live in the neighborhood and I’m writing a letter on behalf of a friend of mine who does live in that neighborhood. Because I’m a friend and it affects both his and Fullerton’s future. That’s why I’m here in the first place.

I’m against the stadium for countless reasons but for me the big issue is funding. The College claims that they don’t have plans for the stadium to show you what they want to build and YET they have an estimate of $4Million to build it. That $4Million is hogwash because they weren’t able to build a new Field House and Gym Upgrade for less than $4.8Million.

They won’t show you what they want to build because they don’t want you writing letters and getting angry and trying to stop them from ruining your neighborhoods.

This isn’t up on Bastenchury so don’t expect much help from the “Responsible Development” people or many, if any, of our elected officials because even though Jesus Silva lives in the affected area considering that while he was at the Scoping Session he’s pretty much A.W.O.L. on this issue as he was on just about every issue during the campaign. He ran a “nice” status quo and substance free campaign so I expect the same from his term on council.

When we asked at the Scoping Meeting about the money for the stadium and brought up that money is fungible and that it looked like The insult on this project is that when Measure J Bond money is brought up the College claims this Stadium isn’t tied to that and that they’ve somehow saved the $4Million dollars and will be putting it up themselves. Oh really.

Shouldn’t Fullerton College be using that miraculously saved money, that was likely culled from higher student fees and costs, to maybe pay off some of the Bond Debt that our residents are saddled with and therefore cut the amount of interest we’ll owe in the future? Wouldn’t that be the prudent thing to do instead of building more while our debt and interest accrues.

I could get into the myriad other reasons I’m against this plan but I have a letter to write and get into the mail by tomorrow. As do you.

Send Comments to:

North Orange County Community College District

1830A W. Romneya Drive, Anaheim, Ca 92801-1819

Attention: Richard Williams, District Director, Facilities Planning and Construction.

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  1. The only reason Jesus won is because his wife with the same name was running.

    This guy will NEVER stand up for the little people even tho he is named after Jesus Christ.

  2. Well said! You don’t need to live in the immediate neighborhood to send them a letter. This Stadium would become a big problem for Fullerton as a whole. I have checked with urban planners and traffic experts and considering the axis which extends from about 1/2 mile east Chapman 57 fwy, to just west of Harbor and Berkeley, the inclusion of another Stadium would be disastrous. I sent them a letter today and if you live in Fullerton, please send them a letter too. Do it for Fullerton!!!

  3. Those 2 guys in the picture look like troublemakers. They have never served on a city commission and I don’t know them.

    1. Molly,
      The one recording the proceedings is a Hornets’ Newspaper writer. Interestingly enough,to date, the FJC newspaper has shown no reporting on how the Scoping Meeting unfolded. An objective fair account would disclosed how one neighbor after another expressed serious concerns about the building of a new stadium. Seemingly very early our kids understand and apply the non-indepedence of journalism.
      The other individual is Greg Schultz, FJC president.His background fits more that of an accountant than that of an academic. Ironically,one does not need to be a CPA to figure out that just the FJC tuition fess have climbed over 75% in the last ten years. Simply google a 2005 and a 2015-16 catalog and you will find out the cost increase per class credit unit. A few months ago, the money for the construction of the stadium was coming from Measure J bonds. Recently the pitch has changed and the funds would be transferred from profitable departments within the institution (i.e. bookstore). Either way, choose your poison!! Measure J’s intent did not include the construction of a junior college mammoth-stadium and, indeed, pro-measure J voters did not have anything of that sort in mind when casting their ballots. As to the institution’s generation of a surplus overtime, why has not been used to offset the increasing costs to students? Or, why is not employed to improve its core educational activities ? Instead, the surplus is capitalized into a stadium, whose only questionable need for the students rests on six home football games.
      Nevertheless, leaving aside money and FJC management, the stadium would create traffic congestion spikes, noise, safety issues, powerful lights’ disturbance, aesthetic imbalances, just to mention a few of the negative impacts to the community.

      1. Well, I thought I knew that man from somewhere. Now I know he’s one of us I feel so much butter. I mean better.

        Cluck cluck harumph. I don’t like mischief makers cluck.

        1. Yup. Agree with your first assertion. Schulz is a troublemaker. Building a new large stadium next to another is recipe for havoc

      2. Schulz “ain’t not idiot”. He wants to rent the stadium until 10 pm every day. Fullerton Community College shall change name to FULLERTON LEASING CENTER

  4. Thank you Josh. ATTENTION FULLERTON- this not a joke! please put pen to paper and write a real letter. Or print one and sign it. But do it by tomorrow Dec 3 and oppose this ridiculous and totally opaque stadium project that will ruin our quiet and peaceful neighborhood forever. Light pollution, traffic and NOISE will be the death of this entire neighborhood- Princeton Circle, Yale Ave (birthplace of the awesome twinkling Christmas Balls), Nutwood Ave, Dorothy Lane, Glenwood Ave, Fern Dr, Lincoln Ave and Cornell Ave. Imagine living on one of these streets and having small children. Or an elderly parent. Or you just like peace and quiet. 96% of the residents oppose this stadium project. I urge all responsible people of Fullerton to please write NOCCCD a letter as to why this project is completely and totally unnecessary.

  5. It’s a new age in journalism in the new age of Storytelling. I apologize if you feel you were under-represented, can always check out my work on Twitter @fchornet.

      1. One liner twitters? Is new age journalism or the end of journalism? Is this what our kids are learning at Fullerton College? While wanting to build a $10,000,000 stadium, FC decision makers have overlooked to put their “educational philosophy ” under scrutiny. I guess their motto could be big building development filled up with empty souls

        1. Twitter is very effective when it comes to news delivery. I’m sorry you missed the story originally and that’s why I posted the link but others in the community and the surrounding areas have seen the story.

          1. Your friends and family give you free advice, does that follow “a similar trajectory?”

    1. Dude, you’re joking, right? “Storytelling?” With a capital “s”?

      How about the heartwarming tale of Molly’s daffodils? They should be popping up in a month or so.

          1. I stand corrected Voice to Text makes mistakes as humans do, I’m glad you’re perfect.

        1. Looks like something got past the “editorial process”, we’ve all witnessed something quite rare…

          To quote:

          “For all intents and purposes is the usual form of the phrase meaning in every practical sense. For all intensive purposes is a fairly common eggcorn derived from the original phrase. It’s often heard in speech, but it’s rare in published writing because it generally doesn’t pass through the editorial process.”

            1. You are not to blame for Fullerton College educational shortcomings. I was at the FC forum and the story of what took place has not been told by your newspaper. You did not tell how eager neighbors were to explain why they opposed the stadium. Many spoke and articulated their reasons on their opposition. That was so much so, that the young lady from Dudek had to limit each speaker’s time to three minutes. There was a clear bonding among neighbors reflected upon their loud applause every time each presentation ended. Said presentations contained well elaborated basis against the large stadium’s construction .. Dudek and Schulz contradicted each other on the funding sources and were directly questioned by neighbors on it. Etc,etc,etc…. Your one liner tweets might be Sculz’s pleasers , but do not tell the story of what transpired at the meeting. Reading your “reporting”,anyone who did not see and hear what took place then, continues blind and deaf to it today.

            2. We are all students, one way or another.

              The real mistake you made was not knowing that journalism isn’t “storytelling.” It’s truth telling.

      1. Just to be specific, the reply that says “Anonymous” is me responding to your sarcasm.

  6. I think it’s real telling that the junior college uses that architectural monstrosity on its seal – the overbearing building with the fake impressions of concrete formwork on its hollow stucco walls. A perfect metaphor, actually.

  7. By the way I was going to talk with Sean Paden at the meeting but I was talking with other concerned citizens and didn’t get a chance.

    1. By the way, have you or The Hornet ever addressed the manipulation of “veterans” to sell this bond to voters? Just curious.

  8. Hey “Derek the Storyteller”… was there an article printed in ‘The Hornet’ on the public scoping session or not? Please provide a link if one exists. Thanks.

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