Who is Acting Police Chief Bob Dunn?

As you may have heard, once again Fullerton has a police chief in hot water. First we had Mike Sellers run away from his post after bungling the Kelly Thomas case, then Danny Hughes decided to give Joe Felz a pass on drunk driving & alleged hit and run and now Chief Hendricks is in trouble for unspecified reasons.

There is no official word on what’s going on from the City because City Manager Ken Domer doesn’t think we have a right to know who’s running our police department and what is happening in our city. However, thanks to a diligent city employee who shall remain nameless reaching out to several of us we know that Hendricks is on a paid vacation (with the benefit of not needing to use his vacation time) for his bad behavior and Captain Bob Dunn is now acting Police Chief.

But who is Bob Dunn?

We wrote about Dunn back in January when he came to our fair city from Anaheim. He was a Lieutenant there and somehow promoted to the position of Captain in Fullerton without much fanfare.

Now he’s been moved to acting Chief. That’s one heck of a jump in 7 months time. Is he really the best man for the job? Is he up to the task? What will he be doing and for how long? Who’s investigating Hendricks? Is Dunn overseeing an IA whitewash or has another agency been called in?

Nobody knows because Ken Domer doesn’t think you have the right to know and the city council can’t be bothered to make him talk.

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  1. At least in a theoretical sense, we need someone in charge at the FPD. Since Fullerton has (had?) 2 captains, one of which is, err, well, indisposed at the moment, who are you going to pick for the short term PD leadership? There certainly isn’t a temp agency where you can call (on a Saturday, yet) and say “I need me a police chief for 2 weeks”. I know nothing, good or bad, about Captain Dunn, but he’s the logical short term choice until the city can find someone else. Even if that’s a week or two. Since whatever no-nos the two allegedly committed seem have been committed out of the city, its going to hard for Dunn or anyone else in the FPD to white wash the case. Hopefully, wherever the alleged crimes against society took place, the local PD will be fair and throw the book at both of them IF there was a crime committed, other than the usual “protect our fellow officers in blue regardless of the law” garage that goes on everywhere.

    So give Dunn the chance to do his job.

      1. Go for it, Josh.

        I can’t think of a better, or more articulate, malcontent. Please just keep holding their feet to the fire.

        But, cut them a little slack. After all, this happened late on Friday night. Surely you don’t think the city officials would spend their weekend and Monday telling the unwashed public anything about a little indiscretion on the part of the FPD chief? Besides, putting the chief and a captain on paid leave is a PERSONNEL issue. You know, one of those things that can’t be discussed.

        I guess that they hoped that nobody would notice.

  2. Fullerton can’t do anything right. Maybe if we didn’t have 5 cover-up artists on the city council…

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