Musical Captains

It is official — Tom Oliveras and Bob Dunn are the new Captains of the Fullerton Police Department.

They replace Danny Hughes favorites John Siko and Scott Rudisil, who, pension spike completed, decided to retire.  Some in the department question the timing, openly wondering if new Chief Dave Hendricks helped to accelerate their departure.  Don’t be surprised if they land new jobs at The Mouse.  Dan Hughes pulled strings to get his buddy, Lt. Mike Chocek, a new job a Disneyland.  Chocek abruptly quit in 2017 for his new position at Disneyland.

Oliveras has been with the Fullerton PD since 1992, and has kept a low profile all these years.  That’s probably a good thing.

Bob Dunn is the fascinating choice, as he left the Anaheim Police Department as a Lieutenant, and was hired just days ago by the Fullerton Police Department as a Captain.

Why is this fascinating, you ask?  Because FFFF’s biggest fan, Lt. Andrew Goodrich, was rumored to want the empty Captain seat.  After completing a Master’s Degree in recent months from the prestigious Capella University, we’re told Goodrich viewed himself as the heir apparent for the Captain seat.  That is, until he was blindsided by the hiring of Dunn.

Oh well, Andrew Goodrich is more than welcome to leave Fullerton if he so chooses.

Your diploma is in the mail. No refunds.

11 Replies to “Musical Captains”

  1. Until November 2010, Capella University had an open enrollment admission policy, which required applicants only proof of a high school diploma, GED or its equivalent

    1. No, he’s creating a command crew that is loyal and beholden to him. Inevitable, although things can hardly get worse. On the downside, Dunn was Anaheim’s equivalent of Goodblob.

  2. “Oliveras has been with the Fullerton PD since 1992, and has kept a low profile all these years. That’s probably a good thing.”

    Or he spent 25 years observing and ignoring the FPD’s Culture of Corruption from his front row seat.

    1. Oliveras is a great person and the same for Rudisil Siko on the other hand was spineless and dumb as a rock. My guess is Siko was strongly suggested to retire. Alas there is still a few swamp monsters left. Hamel Clegget Diaz Rios

  3. Exactly. We keep hearing about all the “good cops.” Apparently these are the ones that won ‘t actually rob you, but will sit there with their mouths shut as one of the “bad apples” does it.

  4. Wait a minute, not so fast — are you guys sure that Dunn isn’t Goodrich in disguise? I’m looking at those two photos above, they could be twins!

  5. Don’t you love how those goobers always have two pens in their pocket? Just in case one goes dry writing a fraudulent report, right Andy?

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