Where’s Doug Chaffee?

Had anyone seen Fullerton Mayor Doug Chaffee?

Last we heard, Doug “expected to be briefed” about why Fullerton’s $400,000 a year Chief of Police had been placed on leave.

That was days ago. Still no word on what was so significant that we lost our top cop without a public hearing, without a public notice, without a freaking phone call early Saturday morning.

And now the City had cancelled the scheduled September 4th meeting. Hmph.  I guess we have nothing important to discuss!

Maybe something has happened to our good Mayor Doug.  He was last seen helping his wife move into her new $250,000 condo in the southeast corner of town.

We know that Doug is real busy working on his political campaign for his next job as our County Supervisor, but if someone could find him and let him know Fullerton doesn’t have a Police Chief and no one knows why, we’d really appreciate it.

11 Replies to “Where’s Doug Chaffee?”

  1. I’ll have you know I am taking this matter extremely seriously. I have already scratched Mr. Hendricks’s name of my list of finalists for volunteer of the month for October 2018.

  2. There is no way this clown, Dud Doug, can handle this one:

    1. If he supports firing the Chief, the PD Union will stomp him in the November election for turning on them. PD Unions all over the country will be sending funds over to dismantle Dougie.

    2. If he does nothing and hides, that a lot easier. But this will expose the weak candidate idiot he really is.

    Even his Carpetbagger wife Pauly wants to stay away from this one. She is busy picking out new linoleum for her luxury condo retreat in a different district from where she really lives. Let’s she if she gets asked about this in any candidate debate forums. Pauly should be DA Spitzer’s first target.

  3. I heard that Doug Chaffee threw his wife in an old folks home down on Acacia and now he’s living that bachelor life up on the hill.

  4. So far, our current Mayor Chaffee, has taken off most all of January, most all of February and about half a month off ( he was unavailable) the last two months and now he is, once again, unavailable this last part of August. Way to represent Douggie! A man who will represent the people, my arse!

  5. Doug wouldn’t play chess with me after losing three or four games in a row. He commented that “I don’t have the patience for this game “.

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