Sonny’s Admission of Guilt

Those who saw my post from the other day would probably be interested in Sonny Siliceo’s misdemeanor plea and sentencing documents.

Once the Orange County DA took the Felony charge off the table, Sonny readily admitted to making a false police report, among other things:

On 7/9/15, I was a police officer employed by Fullerton Police Department and on this date I did use excessive force by assaulting John Doe while acting under the color of authority.  Additionally, I knowingly & intentionally filed a false police report with Fullerton Police Department in case number 15-44269, making a material false statement regarding the commission of a crime.

There you have it, everyone.  Sonny just admitted to being a corrupt police officer.  Now that he’s unemployed, one can only hope this is a positive step forward for the Fullerton Police Department.

The full document can be found here.

13 thoughts on “Sonny’s Admission of Guilt

  1. James Cameron

    Submitted a false police report. Isn’t that a crime? Why did the DA let Sonny get a free pass?

    1. Your mom

      He was found guilty and sentenced to 30 days. That’s the same amount of time people get for assault with a deadly weapon or drug sales. It isn’t really a free pass.

      1. Just Off Euclid

        Found guilty of a misdemeanor. No felony, no pension penalty. But hey Bullethead is a MADD Hero and deserves!

  2. just a guy

    Charging a cop with dishonesty must be a real pain in the ass for the DA. It’s basically an admission that they’ve been putting people in jail based on flawed testimony. They have to go back and check all the open (and closed) cases involving Sonny and toss a bunch of them out. That’s probably why they sidelined him for so long… to make plea deals with all of Sonny’s victims/arrestees before the big news was announced.

        1. The Wide Blue Waistband

          Naw, Sonny will spend his time in the Fullerton lock-up with one third remission for good behavior. 20 days in jail for a violent felony and perjury.

          Orange County justice – the new normal.

  3. Facts is Facts

    Haha. If that’s Siliceo’s handwriting then I’m a chimpanzee. His lawyer’s paralegal wrote that. Miguel can barely spell his own name.

  4. Yosemite Sam

    B-b-b-but Sonny is a MADD Hero. Makes you wonder how many of those arrests were ginned up. Ginned up. Get it?


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